Google Black Friday sale: get the excellent Nest Mini smart speaker for just £20

Google Nest Mini
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The official Google Store has already launched its Black Fridays sale in the UK this week, and it's offering up the fantastic Nest Mini smart speaker for just £20.

This is the lowest price yet for the budget smart speaker and a deal that's well under half-price - considering it usually retails for £49. Overall, while we're quite in the loose-change pocket money range here, we're definitely in the bargain territory, especially if you're looking for a smart home-related gift.

At just £20, you're looking at a fairly cheap way to kick-start your smart home setup with this early Black Friday deal. You could, for example, purchase a couple of devices and place them throughout your house, making use of the myriad Google Assistant voice functions to control your lights, TV, or other smart-compatible devices.

Here's an example. Let's say you're in your kitchen cooking the Christmas turkey this year. The Google Nest Mini can play tunes while you cook, set alarms, and even control the TV in the living room - if it's Google Assistant compatible. Overall, it's a really nifty little device and one that's inconspicuous and small enough to generally fit into any room without being a complete eye-sore.

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Google Nest Mini Black Friday deal

Google Nest Mini:£49£20 at the Google Store

Google Nest Mini: was £49 now £20 at the Google Store
You can bag the excellent Google Nest Mini smart speaker for under half price at the official Google Store this week thanks to the retailer's Black Friday sale. In-built Google Assistant makes the Mini absolutely perfect for a range of useful applications. Control other compatible smart devices, set alarms, get weather forecasts and play music - all from one little device.

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