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Serta Arctic mattress
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Overheating is one of the main causes of disrupted sleep. If you often find yourself waking up feeling sweaty and clammy, we have good news – right now there's a massive $700 off the Serta Arctic mattress

Designed to be the best mattress for hot sleepers, this bed packs plenty of clever cooling tech to ensure a refreshing night's sleep. The deal takes the price of a queen size down to $2,999, from a list price of $3,399. If you're in the market for an adjustable base, there are even bigger savings to be had – up to $700. (If you don't sleep hot, there are there are plenty of other Serta mattresses included in the Fall Savings sale too, including up to $400 off iComfort models).

You can expect to pay more than a regular mattress to get one with specialist cooling properties, but it's worth it if it works for you, and the reviews on the arctic are very reassuring on that front. The Arctic mattress uses Serta's own Reactex System cooling tech, which works to draw away heat from the body throughout the night, while remaining cool to the touch. You’ll get free shipping and free returns too.

Serta Arctic Mattress: $2,999 $2,599 at SertaTop cooling mattress

Serta Arctic Mattress: from $2,999 $2,599 at Serta
Top cooling mattress - The Arctic is designed to keep you dreamily cool all night, thanks to a range of clever heat regulation tech. In the current Fall Sale event, there's up to $500 off mattresses, or up to $700 off if you bundle in an adjustable base. The Arctic comes very well-reviewed, with 4.8/5 stars from existing customers. You’ll get 120 nights to test it out and make sure you love it.

Before the Serta Arctic came along, the luxury cooling mattress market was dominated by the Tempur-Breeze – but the Arctic is $1,150 cheaper at queen size, even with $300 off in the Tempur-Pedic mattress sale. You also get a longer trial period with the But the Arctic is $1,000 cheaper and you get a longer trial period, too (120 nights vs 90 for the Tempur). 

Most of the Arctic's cooling power centers around something called the Reactex System, coupled with 'EverCool Fuze Gel Memory Foam'. It's designed to mould to your body to create the kind of custom support and pressure relief you'd expect from today's best memory foam mattresses, but without any heat trapping side effects. 

We haven't had a chance to test it out ourselves yet, but a browse through the customer reviews is very reassuring. Pretty much everyone agrees that the cooling properties work a treat, and the vast majority of customers (176 out of 214) giving it the full five stars. The only potential downside to be aware of – especially if you're a heavier person – is that a few customers found it wasn't quite supportive enough for their needs. 

You also have 120 nights to try it out at home, with free returns if you decide it's not for you. Serta offers free shipping, and if you live in California the brand will even remove your old mattress for free, saving you from trying to figure out how to dispose of a mattress

If the Serta Arctic is still out of your price range even with the mega discount in the current mattress sale, and you're looking for a budget-friendly option, check out the Cocoon by Sealy Chill instead. This mattress comes with a specialist cooling cover infused with phase-change material to dissipate body heat, and prices start from $499 in the fall savings 35% off sale.

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