Fancy a new Galaxy S22? Samsung's new deal will give you £200 off for that old Nokia

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We've just passed World Day and Samsung is getting in the spirit with a quite frankly excellent new trade-in deal - one that can get you a flat £200 discount on a new Samsung Galaxy S22, regardless of what device you hand over.

According to the terms and conditions, the brand will fork out a £200 rebate when you trade in for a Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21 FE, or a Galaxy S20 FE, at any number of participating retailers. We've got a full list of stores just down below if you're interested, but this includes Amazon, Currys, John Lewis, and Carphone Warehouse to name a few. 

What really drives up the value of this particular trade-in deal at Samsung is the criteria for the trade-in device. Samsung states that this can be any phone, tablet, or laptop made by any brand, on any operating system. And, almost unbelievably, of any age. That means you can potentially get a discount here by handing over that beaten up old Nokia you've had in your drawer for a year. It doesn't even need to be working to get your discount here, which is wild.

So, while this particular trade-in deal at Samsung doesn't make too much sense if you're handing over a relatively new (or valuable) MacBook or iPhone, it's fantastic value if you're trading in an older device that would otherwise be fairly worthless. We've highlighted the Samsung Galaxy S22 as the standout device being offered with a discount here but this deal also applies to the brand's tablets, headphones, laptops, and even a few storage components.

Note, this promotion runs from 8th June to 12th July, so you've got a few weeks to take advantage of this one before it disappears into the ether. 

Huge trade-in Samsung Galaxy S22 deal

Samsung Galaxy S22: get £200 rebate with an eligible device trade-in

Samsung Galaxy S22: get £200 rebate with an eligible device trade-in
Samsung's new Earth Day themed trade-in program is offering a huge £200 discount right now on the Galaxy S22 - regardless of what phone you hand over. Got an old Nokia or iPhone lying around? Trade it in! You'll not only get £200 off a brand spanking new phone but the company will offset your carbon footprint by planting 11 trees. Note, you can also trade in an old laptop or tablet to get your discount here, making this one very flexible deal indeed.

Participating retailers

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