The best Visible cell phones for 2024

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If you're looking for some recommendations for the best Visible cell phones to pair with this great prepaid carrier then you've landed on the right page. Even though the right device for you will depend on a range of factors, we've weighed in with some notable cell phones right here - many of which we've personally reviewed.

Like most carriers, the best Visible cell phones feature options for both iPhones and Android devices, as well as plenty of excellent budget options too. In general, you'll probably want to take the dive and get yourself a 5G-compatible phone if possible as Visible wireless plans make full use of that speedy connection where applicable.

Running on its parent Verizon's network, Visible offers some of the best coverage around right now - with 99 percent coverage nationwide for 4G LTE connectivity. Verizon's 5G network is also rapidly expanding, with 2,700 cities already covered for those speedy 200Mb 5G speeds that Visible offers up as part of its one-size-fits-all unlimited data plan.

While the options to purchase Visible phones on the site are plentiful, you also have the option to bring your own, although it's worth noting not all phones are compatible and you might miss out on the best Visible deals too. We're covering this particular topic in its own section at the bottom of the page - along with all the benefits and drawbacks of going down this particular route. 

So, just below you'll find our guide to the best Visible phones this month. If you'd like to see more excellent content, we also recommend seeing our main best phones page, alongside this week's best cell phone deals too if you're looking to save big time. Remember to check out what Visible promo codes are currently available too for further savings. 

The best Visible phones: iPhones

Best Apple phone for most users


Apple iPhone 15: $829 at Mint Mobile
The standard iPhone 15 is a fantastic choice if you want a powerful, fully-featured device but don't want to spend a huge amount. It's still pricey, of course, but this iteration of the standard iPhone flagship features plenty of excellent upgrades that make it one of the freshest entries for a while. Not only has it inherited the powerful chipset from the previous Pro model, but it now has a 48MP camera and Dynamic Island display - meaning the infamous notch is now a thing of the past. Overall, this device is a great pairing with a 5G Visible plan and one that will last a few good years down the line. Check out TechRadar's full iPhone 15 review for a closer look at this device. 

Best value iPhone

Apple iPhone SE (2022): $429 at Visible

Apple iPhone SE (2022): $429 at Visible
On a budget? If you're an Apple fan, early 2022 has brought a brand new addition to the market - the third-generation iPhone SE. While outwardly the same as the older second-generation device, this phone now comes with the addition of an A15 Bionic chip - the same processor as the flagship Apple iPhone 13 series. Having such powerful silicon under the hood gives this budget device a real edge versus the competition as well as access to the latest iOS 15 and much-improved battery life. Check out our iPhone SE (2022) review for a detailed look at this excellent budget-orientated model. 

Best for power users

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max: $1080 at Visible

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max: $1080 at Visible
If your pockets are flush with cash and you're only looking for the best the choice for best Apple device is easy - go for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. This stunning device has received a subtle redesign, new chipset, and 5x optical zoom in regard to key upgrades, although the main selling point still remains the gorgeous 6.7-inch display, which is bigger than any other device in the range. See our iPhone 15 Pro Max review for a full rundown of this device. 

The best Visible phones: Android

Best for most users

Samsung Galaxy S24: $799 at Visible

Samsung Galaxy S24: $799 at Visible
The latest Samsung Galaxy S24 is a decent choice if you want a powerful flagship but don't want to pay the extreme big-bucks for one of the Plus-sized or Ultra models. Internally, it features the same chipset as the pricier models and you also get fantastic camera setup and gorgeous 120Hz AMOLED display. At $799 it's still pretty pricey but you do get a lot of device for your money here. Check out our full Samsung Galaxy S24 review for a full rundown of this device.

Best non-Samsung Android

Google Pixel 8 Pro: $999 $799 at Mint Mobile

Google Pixel 8 Pro: $999 $799 at Mint Mobile
The latest Google Pixel 8 Pro is easily up there with the best Android device you can buy right now thanks to its excellent display, powerful Google Tensor G3 chipset, and super-charged AI integration and camera tricks. It's not the cheapest device (the standard Pixel 8 is a better budget pick) but it's a great choice regardless of your needs and well worth a look if you want something different from the usual Apple and Samsung fare. See our full Google Pixel 8 Pro review for more details on this device.

Best value

Apple iPhone SE 2022: $429 at Visible

Apple iPhone SE 2022: $429 at Visible
While outwardly a little dated-looking, the latest Apple iPhone SE 2022 is a fully-featured 5G compatible device that's more than capable of handling the basics. Internally, it's rocking the same A13 Bionic chipset as the iPhone 12, which still holds up great for 2023. The downside? The huge bezels on the display, which are much chunkier than the other Apple devices available right now. At $429, however, it's hard to complain here. See our iPhone SE 2022 review for a closer look at this excellent budget device. 

Best for power users

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: $1,199 at Visible

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: $1,199 at Visible
And finally, our pick for high-end Android users is the stunning Galaxy S24 Ultra. This gorgeous device feature's a high-end phablet-like design that's perfect if you like your screen real estate on a phone. Internally, it's extremely powerful too thanks to the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset and 12GB of RAM under the hood. It is pricey, however, which means we'd only recommend it to those willing to pay out for the best of the best. Check out our Galaxy S24 Ultra review for more details on this model. 

The best Visible phones: BYOD

best Visible cell phones

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If you've already got the phone that's keeping you happy and the idea of something new doesn't appeal, then that's fine too. Visible lets you bring your own phone and, presuming it's compatible with the network, you can switch across quickly and easily using a new SIM. But there are more benefits to this option.

If you do want to try this then be sure to check your phone will work with Visible. The network is CDMA only, so your phone will need to be compatible. You can check this using the Visible compatibility checker.

Here are the pros and cons of bringing your own phone to Visible.


  • Get your three months for $20.
  • Keep your same phone number and contacts
  • Avoid upgrading for no reason


  • Not all phones are compatible
  • You may have to pay to get your phone unlocked
  • You won't get any new phone benefits

So if you want to save a few bucks by going with a clearly priced network like Visible, this could be a great way to do it. You still get high-speed 5G coverage and can enjoy benefits like wide US coverage thanks to the parent Verizon network this operates on.

Keep in mind, even without a new phone, the Visible wireless plans all include unlimited data, minutes and text, 5G speeds nationally, free calling and texting to Mexico and Canada, mobile hotspot with unlimited data to one device (5mbps), party Pay savings and WiFi calling.

Still not convinced? Perhaps you'd like to see what the competition is offering, also recommend is our guide to the best Mint Mobile phones this month.

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