DJI Mic 2 leaks suggest incoming wireless microphone could be a big upgrade

The DJI Mics in their case
The original DJI Mic package (Image credit: DJI)

Our DJI Mic review from its 2022 launch shows that DJI is perfectly capable of expanding beyond drones when it comes to premium tech gadgets, and it looks increasingly likely that a DJI Mic 2 model is going to appear in the coming days.

Reliable DJI tipster Quadro News has been posting multiple leaks about the upcoming wireless microphone, including specs – such as the maximum transmission range of 160 meters (525 feet) or 250 meters (820 feet), depending on the regulations in your part of the world, matching the original device.

While the transmission range may be the same, it looks as though the design is going to be tweaked this time around, with a more polished look for the mics themselves and an improved latch for the case, which will be made of "quality metal".

It would seem as though we're getting a new white option for the DJI Mic 2 as well, meaning you can pick between black and white to best match your aesthetic. The current DJI Mic is only available in the standard black.

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Mark your calendars

According to previous leaks, the DJI Mic 2 is set to be announced on January 17, which is this coming Wednesday – coincidentally the same day when we're expecting the Samsung Galaxy S24 to be shown off to the world.

What we don't have yet are any indications on price: the original DJI Mic went on sale for $329 / £289 / AU$509, so we can expect something in the same sort of range for the successor. A new and improved model would be unlikely to be any cheaper.

It does appear from other Quadro News leaks that the battery capacity is going to be upped from 320 mAh to 360 mAh, so we may get a corresponding increase in battery life – which for the current DJI Mic is 5.5 hours between charges, as per the official DJI specs list.

Also of interest: the leaks suggest that the new model will have the ability to record a second, quieter track alongside the main one, which could help to protect against unexpected audio spikes. Once DJI makes the device official, we will of course bring you the news here.

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