Nvidia’s RTX 4070 Super might just be the GPU you’ve been waiting for if this leak is anything to go by

A trio of Nvidia RTX 40-series Super GPU against a green and black background
(Image credit: Nvidia)

Nvidia’s RTX 4070 Super is about to be unleashed on the world (it arrives tomorrow), and expectations have been cranked up just a little bit more with a last-minute benchmark leak.

Some 3DMark scores have been highlighted by VideoCardz, with a number of different tests conducted, including Time Spy and Fire Strike.

The overall average of the benchmarking shows that the RTX 4070 Super is 18% faster than the RTX 4070, and not too far off the speed of the RTX 4070 Ti – it’s just 7% slower than the latter.

In some of the runs VideoCardz carried out, the RTX 4070 Super was very close to 20% faster than the vanilla RTX 4070.

That has got everyone suitably excited about the capabilities of this graphics card, as you might expect, with the usual caveat about the accuracy of leakage taken into account.

Analysis: All good news (we hope)

We must also bear in mind that 3DMark is synthetic testing, and where the RTX 4070 Super will truly prove itself is across a suite of real-world benchmarks in different resolutions.

The broad expectation according to rumors so far is that the RTX 4070 Super will be around 15% faster than the RTX 4070, so this leak indicates it’s a touch peppier than that – as did a previous spilled benchmark, so this is all good news (add seasoning, again).

The other good news is that we’ve heard positive things on the grapevine about stock levels for the RTX 4070 Super. The skinny on that is Nvidia is supposedly focusing most of its production efforts on the RTX 4070 Super – with the other refreshes (4070 Ti Super, 4080 Super) a lesser priority – so the hope is that initial inventory on shelves should be pretty solid.

In short, this could be a good GPU – and a definite prospect for making the cut for our best graphics card list – and you’ll have a good chance of actually being able to buy one (without having to face price gouging and the like). Fingers crossed that the reality of the RTX 4070 Super launch looks like the picture the rumor mill has painted.

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