NordVPN releases new Apple TV VPN app

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One of the industry's best VPN services has just released a new dedicated Apple TV VPN app.

NordVPN is the latest provider that, following Apple's support of third-party VPN applications introduced with the tvOS 17 update, has decided to develop an app to help users boost their streaming experience. 

This means that you won't have to go through daunting installation processes to enjoy international content libraries—and shoring up your privacy while using Apple's popular smart TV device is just as easy. Keep reading, and I'll explain everything you need to know to get started.  

Why use NordVPN's Apple TV app?

"Users often forget that mobile phones and computers are not the only gateways to your network for cybercriminals. A smart TV is usually connected to the internet, so it can also be hacked, and cybercriminals can spy on users, steal data, or even try to access other devices on the home network," said Vykintas Maknickas, head of product strategy at NordVPN.

Maknickas explained that the new dedicated VPN app for Apple TV will ensure round-the-clock digital security. The app protects online traffic from snooping attempts and hackers, thanks to what he described as "next-generation encryption."

To reap the benefits of this rock-sold security, all you need to do is connect to one of NordVPN's 5,000+ servers, dotted across the globe. Then, nosy third parties, bad actors, and even your ISP won't be able to monitor your online activities—or, at least, it'll be much harder.

"Moreover, a VPN can even improve the streaming experience by increasing users’ privacy," said Maknickas.

All streaming platforms, including Netflix and Amazon Prime, apply some geo-restrictions on their content, meaning that their libraries will differ depending on where you are in the world. With a VPN, you can watch your favorite show from anywhere by choosing a server based in your home country. NordVPN's network is currently spread across 60 nations, so you'll have plenty of locations to choose from. 

NordVPN's Apple TV app, servers tab

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NordVPN has a great track record when it comes to unlocking geo-restricted content—we managed to access all of the most popular platforms we tried last time we checked. The software also boasts advanced security features like Double VPN and double kill switches that promise to shield your most important information against prying eyes. 

NordVPN recorded staggering speeds during our most recent round of testing—reaching 950+ Mbps when using the NordLynx protocol. That puts it squarely amongst the fastest VPN services on the market, currently, and means you'll have no trouble watching HD content while connected to a NordVPN server.

As mentioned earlier, NordVPN has joined a handful of providers, including ExpressVPN and IPVanish, in offering an Apple TV dedicated app. While users can still set up and use NordVPN on Apple TV via other methods, the new application is the easiest way to do so—it's as simple as downloading any other apps on your smart TV.


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