This Canon DSLR deal is so good it might even tempt a Nikon fan like me

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera deal
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The choices were simpler in the DSLR days, before mirrorless cameras. Canon or Nikon. Nikon or Canon (sorry Pentax). I got locked into the Nikon system early on and switching to Canon would have been a big move, even for one of the best DSLR cameras of all time, the EOS 5D Mark IV. Now, with this Black Friday camera deal that takes the full-frame all-rounder to a record low price, I could even be tempted away from Nikon mirrorless (gasp).  

Canon's EOS 5D series of DSLRs has always been popular among professional photographers. Back in 2005, the original EOS 5D made full-frame more widely available than ever before. In 2008 the Mark II dropped with Full HD video, while the latest version the Mark IV is a superb all-rounder and the choice for many pros.

In this Black Friday deal, the 5D Mark IV body only is available for just £1,999 at Jessops and £1,989 at Clifton cameras or through Canon directly – almost £800 off. It's a huge price cut. There's also a superb deal for Canon's entry-level full-frame DSLR the EOS 6D Mark II for £969 at Amazon. I've added three of the best Canon DSLR deals in all for different budgets, below.

Grab the best Black Friday Canon DSLR deals (UK)

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV (body only): £2,709 £1,989 at Clifton Cameras
Save £720

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV (body only): was £2,709 now £1,989 at Clifton Cameras
Save £720
: Canon's professional 30MP full-frame DSLR is available for its lowest ever price in the UK, falling below £2,000 new for the first time. In its 5-star review, we labeled the 5D Mk IV 'the most well-rounded and complete DSLR yet' at a cost. Well, that price is now a lot lower for a camera that is just as capable now as it was then. If you love DSLR cameras, this could be the best deal of all this Black Friday. 

Canon EOS 6D Mark II (body only): £1429.99 £969 at Amazon
SAVE £460:

Canon EOS 6D Mark II (body only): was £1429.99 now £969 at Amazon
SAVE £460:
A third of the price has been wiped off the Canon EOS 6D Mark II body only, taking it below £1,000. We've very briefly seen the price of the full-frame DSLR with 26.2MP sensor and incredible low-light image quality fall below £900 last year, but this is still a superb deal. You can get the camera with the 50mm f/1.8 STM lens for £1,067, too, via the same link – another bargain. With prices like these for the camera most regularly used for award-winning astrophotography photos, you might just be tempted back to DSLR.  

Canon EOS 2000D with EF-S 18-55mm IS II kit lens: £519.99 £374.77 at Amazon
SAVE £142:

Canon EOS 2000D with EF-S 18-55mm IS II kit lens: was £519.99 now £374.77 at Amazon
SAVE £142:
With savings of almost 30% on the Canon EOS 2000D Mark II and a very versatile kit lens, this is a superb deal for beginners wanting their first DSLR. You get a 24.1MP APS-C sensor, and of course access to all of Canon's EF interchangeable lenses when you want to expand your possibilities.

Canon EOS 5D cameras have always offered advanced stills photographers cutting-edge technology and superb full-frame image quality. You also get access to the huge range of EF Canon lenses, many of which are more affordable than equivalent mirrorless RF lenses.

Canon's 5D cameras are incredibly versatile, and they truly last for generations if you treat them well. If your primary focus is stills photography, and you don't need the latest video specs or autofocus tracking found in Canon's mirrorless cameras, then the Mark IV is probably the best DSLR now available for less than £2,000.

There's a reason we've given the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV five stars. With an advanced autofocus system, 4K video capability, and impressive low-light performance, it's a brilliant choice for professional photographers who aren't wedded to getting a mirrorless camera.

If you're in the market for a new camera but don't like the idea of a DSLR, check out our Black Friday camera deals page for more compact options.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

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