Why I'm getting the Garmin Approach S62 golf watch, but waiting for Black Friday

Garmin Approach S62
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The Garmin Approach S62, and golf watch models like it, are definitely worth investing in to improve your golf game, but waiting until the Black Friday deals to do so makes the most sense.

Whether you play golf regularly or are just getting into the game, a golf watch is the modern essential to get the most out of your time on the green stuff. I picked up a golf watch for two weeks, and it really improved my performance. But what I didn't get to do, that I'd recommend, is wait until Black Friday.

Right now golf watches are available at a range of prices from the entry-level Garmin Approach S12 or S42 to the top-end Garmin Approach S62. Out of all the best golf watch entries it is the Garmins that stand out. While the basic models can help, it's the S62 that offers the smartest features, but being the premium entry in Garmin's range, you'll be paying out a sizable chunk which might be unrealistic if you're already investing in a lot of golf kits. Black Friday could make that purchase possible.

Garmin Approach

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Black Friday Garmin Approach savings are huge

When it comes to golf watches, the Black Friday sales have historically seen plenty of discounted prices which makes it well worth waiting for before you buy. This is already underway again this year, with even the basic Garmin Approach S12 discounted heavily at Currys in the UK and Amazon in the US, one long week before Black Friday proper. 

As you can imagine, the deals could be even more helpful to your bank balance when applied to the nearly top-end S62 model, which costs $499 in the US, £389 in the UK, and AU$799 in Australia. But why get a golf watch at all? It's worth thinking about that before you spend. No matter how good the discount might be, with the cost of living crisis any tech you buy should be working hard for you. 

A golf watch can help beginners

While golf watches might seem like a specialist treat reserved for those that need to improve their already well-developed game, they're actually excellent for beginners. One of the standout features of a watch like this is its ability to show you what lays ahead on the course. That can mean you know how far your shot needs to travel, if you have any hazards to avoid, and (in the premium watch model cases) recommendations for the clubs to use on each shot. More on this later.

Garmin Approach S62

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It's also worth noting that you can have these watches record your shots automatically. Yup, beginners can focus more on the game and less on keeping track of a scorecard with the digital scorecard functionality.

It's worth noting that while most golf watches will record your drive shot distance and log the shot on your digital scorecard when it comes to chipping and putting, you may need golf club sensors to get fully-automated tracking. Another Black Friday deal to look out for, then.

Improve your game with a golf watch caddie

For the more seasoned golfer out there it can sometimes feel frustrating upgrading kit such as clubs and yet still not seeing that much of an improvement in your game. This is where the all-seeing powers of a golf watch can help. 

While it will ultimately be about your swing, knowing the right club based on how you play can help you compensate for potential errors that could affect your scorecard.

Golf caddie

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Many golf watches, like the Garmin Approach S62, have a virtual caddie and coach that will suggest the right type of club for you to use on your next shot. Imagine offsetting the cost of this watch against having a real-world caddie. Then add in those Black Friday discounts and the watch is virtually paying for itself. 

Stay focused with a golf watch

Not all but some golf watches also offer smart connectivity. That means you can have all your smartphone notifications right there on your watch. While that could sound distracting, it can mean you can control what comes in and simply glance to see if you need to reach for your phone – more often than not allowing you to stay aware of the world without needing to take you out of your game. 

The features go further though, with information like weather, sunrise, sunset and storm warnings being pulled in to keep you informed, at a glance as you play.

Save on older models

As is the case with most tech, the newer the model the more features you'll have. So the latest and top-end golf watch will serve you best – ideal for a seasoned golfer. But for those less developed on the course, of for anyone starting out, you may find that the more basic models can still help your game.

It's also worth looking out for deals on previous-generation models. Even models from a year or two back can still help to improve your game. You may still find these cropping up in Black Friday deals and representing an even bigger saving. So keep your options open and be sure to check through our Black Friday Garmin deals guide before you buy.

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