LG's premium G2 OLED tellies are heaps cheap for Black Friday

LG G2 OLED Black Friday deal
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With Black Friday officially kicking off, we’re already seeing some extraordinary deals on some of the best TVs, with deals popping up across a variety of TVs in all shapes and sizes. Yet even amongst the onslaught of killer discounts to have already emerged, the savings on offer here for the LG G2 range of OLED TVs manage to stand out.

Starting with a saving of AU$1,265 on the G2 with 55-inch screen and topping out at an eye-catching saving of AU$2,405 on the 77-inch screen, if you’re on the hunt for a new home screen this Black Friday this is one bargain well worth taking advantage of.

LG G2 55-inch Evo Gallery Edition OLED TV

LG G2 55-inch Evo Gallery Edition OLED TV | AU$3,695 AU$2,430 at Appliance Central (save AU$1,265)

The LG G2 is yet another example of how LG are killing it with OLED TVs right now, with a bright, dynamic display, premium design and outstanding gaming support. Designed to be mounted to the wall and compliment your living room decor but not sacrifice anything in terms of performance, this LG G2 is available at a massive discount with this 55-inch and even greater savings are on offer in other sizes.

65-inch AU$4,995 AU$3,260 (save AU$1,735)
77-inch AU$8,995 AU$6,590 (save AU$2,405)

Even before landing the discount we see here, the LG G2 joins many of its LG OLED cousins as an eye-catching TV. There's a lot to love, with premium detail even beyond its decor-friendly design. The OLED evo technology featured here elevates the G2’s brightness levels even beyond many of its fellow OLED standouts, and our review concludes that this one manages to “bring enough extra brightness to the table to take OLED picture quality to places we once never imagined it would be able to go”.

The A9 gen 5 processor at the G2’s heart is another handy asset to its overall performance, providing smooth, active picture detail to compliment the premium quality sound on offer that our colleagues at Tom’s Guide consider “among the most impressive” they’ve heard from an OLED TV. Gamers can also find a lot to like in this one, with the G2 offering 4K 120Hz, a 1ms response time and variable refresh rate support, on top of built-in access to hundreds of games via the inclusion of NVIDIA Geforce Now. 

There’s one particular negative to be found in the G2 range though – these TVs don't come with a stand. That's because it's been engineered specifically to be hung on a wall. If you’re DIY-averse this could be a dealbreaker, but it’s really only a small gripe for what is otherwise one of the best TVs you can buy.

Simply put, at this price you aren’t going to find a higher quality home screen option, with this hefty Black Friday saving bringing one of the top premium home screen options down to a price that catches the eye just as much as the TV itself.

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