5 fresh Australian Black Friday deals that are actually worth your time

Black Friday 5 new deals roundup
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While Black Friday might have only officially kicked off, 2022 has continued the trend where many of the top retailers launch their deals a few days before hand, making Black Friday more of a week-long affair. Even so, there are plenty of retailers that stick to tradition and wait for the day itself to launch their hottest bargains, with a few early-risers also holding onto some of their best deals until the calendar shows the right date.

So with retailers all now formally on the clock, we've seen some fresh deals emerge today that have caught our eye. And knowing how hungry we all are for a solid bargain, we've collected five of our top picks for new deals to have gone live to mark Black Friday's official launch.

Even before landing the discount we see here, the LG G2 is a showstopper, with premium detail even beyond its decor-friendly design. The OLED evo technology leads the way in elevating the G2’s brightness levels even beyond many of its fellow OLED standouts, leading us to conclude in our review that this one manages to “bring enough extra brightness to the table to take OLED picture quality to places we once never imagined it would be able to go”.

The A9 gen 5 processor at the G2’s heart adds even more heft to this TV's overall performance, providing vibrant, dynamic picture quality that compliments the premium sound also on offer.

But the reason this one lands on our list is the dynamite saving it has here, with discounts across the range's three sizes starting from AU$1,265 off the model's 55-inch screen and rising as high as AU$2,405 off the G2 with a 77-inch window. This kind of saving on an OLED TV of this quality is what many of us wait for on Black Friday and here it is right on time!

LG G2 55-inch Evo Gallery Edition OLED TVAU$3,695AU$2,430 at Appliance Central

LG G2 55-inch Evo Gallery Edition OLED TV | AU$3,695 AU$2,430 at Appliance Central (save AU$1,265)

The LG G2 is yet another example of how LG are killing it with OLED TVs right now, offering a bright, dynamic display, premium design and outstanding gaming support. Designed to be mounted to the wall and compliment your living room decor without sacrificing anything in terms of performance, this 55-inch LG G2 is available at a massive discount and there's even greater savings are on offer in other sizes.

65-inch AU$4,995 AU$3,260 (save AU$1,735)
77-inch AU$8,995 AU$6,590 (save AU$2,405)

Samsung HW-Q930B soundbar - save AU$729

If you were looking for a surround sound solution that won't break the bank or take up too much space, the Samsung HW-Q930B is a premium quality package we'd already consider a top recommendation. While this one isn't necessarily the best soundbar on the market to pair up with a next-gen console or to play music on, it is one of the very best (if not the best) to elevate your home cinema experience.

Including rear speakers not found in previous soundbars and seven channels of sound within the main soundbar itself, the full sound profile of the Samsung HW-Q930B is one of the best audio solutions on the market for emulating the cinema experience as closely as possible.

And for Black Friday it manages to land a spectacular discount, with an almost 50% saving on offer for this home cinema wonder.

Samsung HW-Q930B SoundbarAU$1,499AU$770 at Appliance Central

Samsung HW-Q930B Soundbar | AU$1,499 AU$770 at Appliance Central (save AU$729)

As one of our favourite soundbars on the market, we've been hoping to see a quality saving pop up for this Samsung powerhouse, but we never expected to see a saving like this one! If you act quickly,  you can save over half price on this home cinema solution, bringing True Dolby Atmos support and a generous surround sound package to your home for a steal!

You can also go directly through Samsung AU and spend only AU$29 more.

Dyson Airwrap - save AU$179.80

The Dyson Airwrap is such a popular hair styler that it rarely gets any kind of discount, with stock moving off the shelves with plenty of frequency even at its standard retail price. That's largely because of the value packed inside, with the Dyson Airwrap offering a complete salon solution with functionality to provide curls, waves or bouncy blow-dries without relying on extreme heat.

In the one powerhouse package, you find a hair dryer, curler and straightener, cutting down on excess clutter at the same time as providing the highest quality styling power on the market.

Bucking the trend of this one never receiving significant discounts, this Black Friday deal nets it a very handy saving of over AU$175 just in time for your holiday shopping.

Dyson Airwrap |AU$899AU$719.20 at Sephora

Dyson Airwrap | AU$899 AU$719.20 at Sephora (save AU$179.80)

This is the best price we can find on a few models of the Airwrap in a couple of colourways. Whether you have chest-length hair or longer, the Complete and Complete Long kits are reduced by a generous 20% at Sephora. If you miss out on these, then you'll likely end up paying more at Dyson directly. Here are your options, all at AU$719.20:

Airwrap Complete in Fuchsia/Nickel
Airwrap Complete in Nickel/Copper
Airwrap Complete Long in Nickel/Copper

LG 38-inch ultrawide curved monitor - savings of AU$700

This quality gaming monitor option had a saving attached in the days leading up to Black Friday's official launch, but for the day itself manages to add almost AU$300 in savings to bring this one down to the lowest price we've seen on Amazon so far.

Size is the first thing you notice for this one, with the already generous 38-inch feeling even larger thanks to the curve, while the 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time and HDR600 turn that panel into a gaming powerhouse. Pair this one with a title like 2020's Doom Eternal and you'll never look back, as the screen's dynamic ability to keep up is surpassed only by how crisp it makes it all look.

Saving AU$700 on this one, if you're after a gaming monitor or even a new addition to your home office setup this is one to jump on.

LG 38-inch ultrawide curved monitor (38WN95C)AU$2,199 AU$1,499 on Amazon

LG 38-inch ultrawide curved monitor (38WN95C) | AU$2,199 AU$1,499 on Amazon (save AU$700)

This LG 38-inch, 3,840 x 1,600 screen is a real beauty, and a great option for gamers looking to make the jump to high resolution ultrawide gaming. Its 144Hz panel with a 1ms response time and HDR600 delivers immersive gaming. The Nano IPS screen delivers excellent colour accuracy, making a compelling option for creators as well. With a 32% discount now attached this one, it is available at the best price we've seen yet from Amazon.

Nintendo Switch console (Neon) with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe + 3 month Switch Online subscription - savings of AU$90.95

The newer Nintendo Switch OLED might grab the headlines but, unless you're hoping to use your Switch primarily as a handheld console, the base Nintendo Switch console offers essentially all of the same features at a lesser cost. And unlike the Switch's OLED model, the base Switch console is more likely to find itself paired with one or more of Nintendo's best games for a standout discount.

That's where this deal lands, with the base Nintendo Switch console paired with the ever-popular Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (AU$69 RRP) and a 3 month Switch Online Subscription (AU$11.95 RRP) at a price of just AU$379 for Black Friday. Given the standard retail price of the console alone sits as high as AU$449, thats essentially a saving of AU$70 with the brilliant Mario Kart and a 90 day subscription to Switch Online thrown in for free. 

With the Nintendo Switch as popular as ever and the long-awaited sequel to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild due next year, this deal couldn't come at a better time or with better value in the mix.

Nintendo Switch Console (Neon) with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe + 3 Month Switch Online SubscriptionAU$469.95AU$379 at Amazon

Nintendo Switch Console (Neon) with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe + 3 Month Switch Online Subscription | AU$469.95 AU$379 at Amazon (save AU$90.95)

Get your hands on the base Switch console with a digital copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and a three month subscription to Switch Online thrown into the mix for just AU$379 when you take advantage of this Black Friday saving. You'll have everything you need to get going with your new Nintendo console from right out of the box with this bundle, so well worth consideration.

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