Cheapest NBN plans compared: the best internet deals in Australia

The array of internet options available to the average Aussie is getting to the point of being overwhelming, especially if you're just after the cheapest plan going. Thankfully, we've done the hard yards and sifted through all the fine-print to figure out which ones offer the most genuine value for your dollar.

For those looking to sign up to the NBN for less, there's a wide variety of pricing tiers available and they all come with quirks and caveats that you'll need to look out for. Start up fees, lock-in contracts, compulsory modem purchases – we've done the maths to find you the best deal.

Editor's pick: Cheapest NBN plan

TPG| 10GB data | NBN12 | 18-month contract | $29.99 pm (+ $30 upfront)

If you're after a bare-minimum NBN connection then TPG's got the cheapest plan available, with an included modem and only $30 upfront it's the least you'll pay to get on the NBN. The catch is that you'll only have 10GB per month to play with and it's an 18-month contract.

Total minimum cost is $569.82 over 18 months
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Editor's pick: Best value budget NBN plan

Exetel | 100GB data | NBN50 | No lock-in contract | $49.99 pm (BYO modem)

Although it's not the absolute cheapest, Exetel is offering the best overall value on NBN speeds above the basic 12Mbps tier (i.e. the same speed as basic ADSL). Although you'll have to either provide your own modem or buy Exetel's for $79 delivered, this $49.99 plan is still a complete steal for an NBN50 connection with no lock-in contract or upfront fees.

Total minimum cost is $49.99
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