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Cheap NBN plans compared: the best internet deals in Australia

The number of internet options available to the average Aussie is getting to the point of being overwhelming, especially if you’re just after a cheap NBN plan.

There’s a wide variety of pricing tiers available, and they all come with quirks and caveats that you’ll need to look out for. We’ve run through our best cheap NBN plan recommendations here, or if you want to jump ahead, click the links below:

Current cheap NBN deals

All of our plan recommendations are detailed below, but before you check them out, here are some good deals you should check out before deciding on an NBN plan:

Best cheap NBN plans

Best NBN 25 plan

A cheap NBN plan that doesn’t sacrifice speed

Tangerine | NBN 25 | Unlimited data | No lock-in contract | AU$49.90p/m (first 6 months, then AU$59.90p/m)

Although it’s not the absolute cheapest, this plan from Tangerine gets you the slightly faster NBN 25 (rather than NBN 12), unlimited data for all your downloading and streaming needs, and comes with no lock-in contract. It’s BYO modem, but there’s an identical plan with an included modem for an extra AU$129.90 upfront fee.

Total minimum cost is AU$49.90View Deal

Cheapest NBN plan

The lowest-cost NBN plan we can recommend

TPG | NBN 12 | 10GB data | 6-month contract | AU$29.99p/m

If you’re after a bare-minimum NBN connection then TPG’s got the cheapest plan available – with a modem included and only AU$30 upfront, it’s the least you’ll pay to get on the NBN. The catch is that you’ll only have 10GB per month to play with and it’s on a 6-month contract.

Total minimum cost over 6 months is AU$189.94View Deal

Cheap NBN plans: major telcos

If you’re looking for the cheapest options available for the major providers, we’ve outlined them below. While they aren’t as affordable as other budget ISPs, they tend to perform well, and come with optional added perks:

Cheapest Telstra NBN plan

Telstra | NBN 25 | 500GB data | No lock-in contract | AU$75p/m

This is Telstra’s cheapest NBN plan, though it’s not exactly the cheapest option out there. The telco’s lowest speed tier offering is NBN 25, and it promises speeds of up to 20Mbps during busy peak periods. This plan is capped at 500GB of data per month, which could suit smaller households everyday use, plus some room for light gaming or streaming. Telstra will waive your sign-up fee if you register online, and if you stick with the telco for 24 months, it’ll also throw in the Smart Modem for free (worth AU$216).

Total minimum cost over 24 months is AU$1,800

Not the right plan for you? Check out our full comparison of all Telstra NBN plans.View Deal

Cheapest Optus NBN plan

Optus | NBN 50 | Unlimited data | No lock-in contract | AU$75p/m

The most affordable NBN plan from Optus isn’t exactly cheap, but this is the lowest you’ll pay with the provider. For AU$75 a month, you can get setup with an NBN 50 plan with unlimited data, and typical download speeds of 45Mbps in the evening hours. Optus is also temporarily waiving the usual AU$99 start-up fee, and while the plan comes with no lock-in contract, you will need to pay out the cost of your modem if you leave before a 36-month term (usually AU$252).

Total minimum cost is AU$327View Deal

Cheapest TPG NBN plan (that's actually good)

TPG | NBN 12 | 100GB data | 6-month contract | AU$49.99p/m

TPG has some incredibly cheap NBN plans – the lowest you can pay is AU$29.99 a month for 10GB of data – but it’s not great value, so we reckon stretching to this one for AU$20 more is a better deal. This NBN 12 plan will see you pay under AU$50 a month for 100GB of data, though TPG says this is allotted into 50GB during peak and 50GB during off-peak. During the evening hours, you can expect typical speeds of 12Mbps. If you sign up to a 6-month contract, TPG will waive the AU$99 set-up fee, though you’ll pay delivery charges. If you’d prefer this plan on a no lock-in contract, it’s also available but comes with a AU$99 set-up fee. If you’re willing to stretch your budget a little further, you could also consider paying an extra AU$10 a month for an NBN 12 plan with unlimited data.

Total minimum cost over 6 months is AU$309.94View Deal

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