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The best NBN 1000 plans can get you access to the fastest internet speeds in Australia. You’ll sometimes see these plans referred to as ultrafast or gigabit internet, and downloads of up to 1,000Mbps are theoretically possible. 

However, the majority of providers which offer NBN 1000 plans don’t report this number as their typical evening speed. For example, Telstra is one of the biggest NBN providers in the market, and it promises a typical evening speed of 700Mbps. For a time, this was the fastest advertised in Australia, but Telstra has now been dethroned by multiple providers. These include, Superloop, Optus, TPG, Vodafone and Swoop. Swoop currently claims the fastest typical evening speeds of 969Mbps. Best of all, all of these speed demon providers are more affordable than Telstra. 

As the fastest NBN plans available, gigabit internet can also be expensive, but it’s actually become cheaper at some NBN providers thanks to wholesale price changes at NBN Co. 

Noteworthy NBN 1000 deals

We’ve picked out our recommended plans further down the page, but here’s a quick look at some of the current NBN 1000 deals going:

Best NBN 1000 plans

Best overall NBN 1000 plan

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TPG | AU$104.99p/m

TPG | AU$104.99p/m (first month free)

TPG is currently our top overall pick on the ultrafast tier thanks to a first month free promotion. This promo is slated to expire on July 9, 2024, however, so you'll need to be quick to snap it up. 

With the first month free, TPG is by far the cheapest provider, and it recently increased its typical evening speeds to a very respectable 800Mbps. Even with the ongoing cost applied, TPG is still the cheapest provider, which is a rarity for a big three provider. 

• AU$94.99p/m (first month free)
• AU$1,044.89 first year
• AU$1,139.88 each ongoing year

Best fast NBN 1000 plan

Swoop969Mbps | AU$119p/m

Swoop | 969Mbps | AU$119p/m (first 6 months, then AU$139p/m)

Swoop is currently the only NBN provider to break through the 900Mbps barrier with its claimed typical evening speeds – making it by far the fastest NBN 1000 plan currently available. The 969Mbps figure is actually a slight drop from a previous high of 975Mbps, but we'd wager this new figure is the result of analysing plan speeds of current customers, and therefore a good real-world indication of what you could achieve if you were to sign up.

The not so good news is that Swoop has increased the cost of this plan during the first 6 months, from a previous low of AU$99p/m, to a new price of AU$119p/m. This makes it one of the most expensive providers, but considering its speed claims, we think it's fair.

• AU$119p/m (first 6 months, then AU$139p/m)
• AU$1,548 first year
• AU$1,668 each ongoing year

Cheapest NBN 1000 plan

TPG | 800Mbps | AU$104.99p/m

TPG | 800Mbps | AU$104.99p/m (first month free)

Our best overall NBN 1000 plan is also the cheapest NBN 1000 plan. Yep, despite being one of the big three telcos in Australia, TPG is currently the cheapest, both within the first year and each ongoing year. The regular price of AU$104.99p/m is some AU$15p/m cheaper than the current national average, too, and with typical evening speeds quoted as being 800Mbps, it's no slouch either.

• AU$94.99p/m (first month free)
• AU$1,044.89 first year
• AU$1,139.88 each ongoing year

Also consider

Superloop811Mbps |AU$99p/m

Superloop | 811Mbps | AU$99p/m (first 6 months, then AU$109p/m)

Superloop was, for a long time, our outright recommendation. It's still a great plan, as it claims 811Mbps typical evening speeds (the second-fastest) yet is one of the cheapest providers during the first year and each ongoing year. 

It's currently been displaced as our top pick by TPG, but we'll keep an eye on pricing in the coming weeks. If TPG's 'first month free' promotion comes to an end, it could open the door for Superloop to reclaim its top spot. 

• AU$99p/m (first 6 months, then AU$109p/m)
• AU$1,248 first year
• AU$1,308 each ongoing year

Spintel | 650Mbps | AU$95p/m

Spintel | 650Mbps | AU$95p/m (first 6 months, then AU$105.95p/m)

Spintel has recently launched an NBN 1000 plan, with a typical evening speed figure of 650Mbps. That's far from the fastest available right now (although certainly not slow) but we've placed it here because it has the lowest introductory cost. 

If and when TPG's promotion comes to an end, it will make Spintel the cheapest provider at this speed tier, and so if spending as little as possible is most important to you, Spintel is the way to go. 

NBN 1000 FAQ

How fast is NBN 1000?

NBN 1000 is the ultimate speed tier offered on the NBN, with maximum download speeds of 1,000Mbps. However, the reality of the situation is that this maximum speed is much harder to reach than on other tiers.

In an Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) report from June 2024, it was revealed that NBN 1000 plans experienced average speeds between 831 Mbps to 854 Mbps. This is a slight increase on the 818Mbps to 851Mbps observed during the first three months of 2024. This shows the ultrafast tier has improved with each passing year. 

So while you’re getting the maximum possible speed offered on the NBN at present, you might not necessarily be getting that maximum 1,000Mbps download rate, due to a wide variety of factors.

How much does NBN 1000 cost?

The lowest price we’ve seen for an NBN 1000 plan is AU$95 a month, but a price such as this is only available for your first six months at a minimum. Removing any discounted offers from the equation, the average cost of a plan in this tier is currently AU$123.

Most providers in this speed tier offer a discount for your first six months, and in most cases, the price jumps up by about AU$20 once that period ends. If you were hoping for more affordable high-speed internet, you might be better served checking our fastest NBN plans guide which takes a look at the best NBN 100 plans and best NBN 250 plans as well.

Can I get NBN 1000?

Not all connection types will have access to this ultrafast internet. It’s available to those with a fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) connection, and in some cases, also those with hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) cable, but be sure to check with the provider.

What providers have NBN 1000?

When the NBN first rolled out, this speed tier didn’t exist for residential customers, but now there’s a host of telcos now offering the service. This includes the big players such as Telstra, Optus and TPG, as well as excellent smaller ISPs including Aussie Broadband, Exetel and Superloop.

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