How to get the best electric toothbrush deals on Amazon Prime Day

Oral-B iO Series 7
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Looking for a great deal on an electric toothbrush? Whether this is the first time you’ve tried an electric alternative to your old-fashioned manual scrubbing toothbrush, or you’re looking for a replacement for an older model, it’s well worth seeing what the Prime Day deals have in store. 

It's well-known that the best electric toothbrushes can clean your teeth more efficiently and effectively than a manual toothbrush thanks to technology such as oscillating brush-heads. However, if you've had the same basic model for several years, you might not know that many of the more recent models also carry in-built timers to make sure you brush for the appropriate amount of time, while some even have accompanying smart apps which can highlight how effectively you’ve cleaned different areas inside your mouth. 

In the face of this smart oral-hygiene onslaught, the humble analog toothbrush has been relegated to scrubbing in between the tiles of your shower. Even if you've got a more basic electric toothbrush, it might be time to get connected.

However, the biggest factor here has always been price. For example, the top pick in our buying guide – the Oral B iO Series 9 – can cost upwards of $400 in the US, £250 in the UK, and AU$600 in Australia. Some electric toothbrushes continue to be powered by replaceable batteries which adds to the cost over time, while high-end toothbrushes can cost hundreds of pounds or dollars. Both will eventually require replaceable brush heads. 

These brushes are popular items that can often be discounted on Amazon Prime Day, and that’s where we come in. Buying a quality electric toothbrush at a bargain price can help mitigate this initial cost, keeping your teeth and gums healthy for less.

Black Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige electric toothbrush

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 Which brush is right for you? 

Price will naturally be a big factor in which brush you choose, but the deals aim to close that gap in cost. With the incredible amount of choice on offer, first ask yourself what’s most important to you when choosing a toothbrush. 

Do you share a bathroom with a light sleeper? Maybe you need the electric toothbrush to be whisper-quiet. Do you find yourself scrubbing for 20 seconds and calling it a day? Maybe look for one with onboard timer functionality. Do you have braces? You might want to make sure your brush of choice has interdental heads like the Ordo Sonic Plus, which can better get in those hard-to-reach gaps. Do you want an app, or do you find the idea of a connected toothbrush ridiculous? Do you need a travel case?

Asking yourself these questions will help you know what to look for on Amazon Prime Day. Perusing our buying guide, you might be able to find your ideal brush – even if it's too expensive for you right now. Then, set a Google Alert to buzz you when that brand or model gets written about online over the Prime Day sales period. 

Go for the big discounts

One of Amazon Prime Day’s worst-kept secrets is that the biggest discounts apply to the biggest-ticket items. If you don’t think a Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige is on the cards for you, make sure you keep an eye on the Prime Day deals, as big discounts might allow you to grab one at 20, 30 or even 50% off. 

That's a common piece of wisdom to bear in mind throughout the Prime Day deals period, that's not restricted to toothbrushes; look for the premium items, and you’ll occasionally see discounts in the triple figures. 

If you’re just looking for a cheaper brush, that’s not to say there won’t be anything for you on Prime Day, as you might be able to grab a discount or bundle deal. In the US, one early Prime Day deal features a Sonic electric toothbrush and eight replaceable brush heads, with its price slashed by 50% down to just $24.99. If you’re replacing a brush head once every three months or so, that’s two solid years of clean teeth.  

Woman with braces using a water flosser

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Don't forget to look for accessories

Getting replacement brush heads or batteries in bulk during Prime Day is also a good idea which can save you money on your teeth cleaning. We’ve seen replacement brush heads compatible with Oral-B brushes discounted by as much as 44%, so picking up a few extras now could save you a packet later down the line.

Don’t forget about other items too, such as water flossers. These neat devices are rechargeable electricals that squirt concentrated jets of water between your teeth to dislodge any particles of food, doing the same job as dental floss with less waste and less pain. They're also great for braces users.

Philips, Oral-B, Braun and specialist companies such as Waterpik all produce these handy devices, and Oral-B’s Advanced water flosser has already seen price reductions, and Prime Day hasn’t even started yet!

Amazon Prime Day toothbrush deals: Our top picks

These are the toothbrushes to keep an eye out for this Prime Day. 

Oral-B iO Series 6

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Oral B iO series 6

The iO series 9 is top of the Oral-B range, and a new iO-10 is coming in September. It makes sense that Amazon will begin discounting some of these older, but still excellent, iO series models. 

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Woman's hand holding Ordo Sonic+ electric toothbrush

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Ordo Sonic+

Our best value electric toothbrush, savvy shoppers might be able to get one of our best performers even cheaper in the Prime Day deals bonanza.

Read our full Ordo Sonic+ review here

The Philips Sonicare 9900 electric toothbrush standing upright on a table

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Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige

Our best premium toothbrush for frequent travellers, the Sonicare 9900 Prestige is normally quite expensive at $399.99 / £299.99 / AU$550. Of course, this is exactly why you should keep your eyes out for a great deal.

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