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We're into the final day now of the Amazon Prime Day deals event. And if you've been waiting for the best time to pick up an Amazon Echo smart speaker, this is your last chance to get it for the lowest price yet. Take a look below and you'll see you can pick up a brand new Echo for just $49.99 in the US and £54.99 in the UK. The're an all-time low price on the smaller version if you fancy the Echo Dot deals (£22/$22 today) too.

This larger version of the Amazon Echo line features a much louder speaker than the Echo Dot and the sound is even clearer too. So if one of your main uses for a smart speaker is going to be playing music, then it might be worth paying extra.

You're spoilt for choice as far as music playback options go. Services like Spotify Premium and Amazon Music Unlimited are all supported via Alexa voice-controls or just using the streaming services' own apps.

Did you know you can get  four months of Amazon Music Unlimited for $0.99/99p right now?

Amazon USA

Amazon Echo (2nd Gen): $99.99 $49.99 at Amazon

Amazon Echo (2nd Gen): $99.99 $49.99 at Amazon
A price drop on top of a price drop for Amazon Prime Day. We've gone from $99.99 to $69.99 and now the all-time lowest price yet. Like the rest of the deals today, it's a Prime member exclusive.

Amazon UK


Amazon Echo (2nd gen): £84.99 now £54.99 at Amazon
Make a £35 saving on the classic Amazon Echo model for Amazon Prime Day, giving you a great sounding speaker that can also be used to control your smart home and music library with the power of your voice alone. This is the lowest price we've seen for the regular-sized Echo in the UK.

Amazon Australia

Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) | $149 $74.50 at Amazon
It's the lowest price on the second-gen Echo smart speaker we've seen, with Amazon shaving 50% offCharcoalHeather GreySandstone

Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) | $149 $74.50 at Amazon
It's the lowest price on the second-gen Echo smart speaker we've seen, with Amazon shaving 50% off the price. So if you're after an affordable smart home setup then grab this at half price and get started with Alexa. It's available in all three colour options of Charcoal, Heather Grey and Sandstone fabrics.

Want to know more about the different Echo products available. We've compared them all and listed the latest offers in our Amazon Echo deals page.

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