Samsung upgrades Genio line with M5650 Lindy

Still cheap and chirpy

Samsung has unveiled the next in its low budget, cheery features phones with the announcement of the M5650 Lindy.

Following on from the successfully launched Genio line up in the UK (Corby to the rest of the world), Samsung has unleashed the M5650 Lindy with a 2.8-inch touchscreen display, complete with one finger zoom.

It also packs a 3MP camera, microSD slot for memory expansion and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0 and HSPDA connectivity.

Bebo, Facebook: who knew we'd use those words one day?

And in keeping with the social-networking slant Samsung has placed on its budget range, it's present again once more, which we imagine will be the likes of Facebook and Bebo.

Dedicated music keys also show that the M5650 Lindy is more than just a device to poke your friends with, as it's got multimedia qualities as well.

We're still waiting for UK information on this phone, as it's currently only available in Portugal for €149 (£133), but we'd imagine it will launch on our wintry shores in the next couple of months.

Via Samsung Hub


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