Samsung: Bada remains a big focus for us

Developer day to push the benefits

Samsung Bada remains a big focus for us

Samsung has announced its second bada developer day – as it looks to encourage developers to make apps for its own operating system and insists that it remains a big part of the company's plans

Samsung has, of course, enjoyed great success with Android and Windows Phone on its high end handsets, but it insists it is not letting bada fall by the wayside and is hoping that the 3 November event will stir interest.

The event will bring demonstrations on features including Near Field Communications and explain why bada 2.0 (released in August) has some unique selling points that make it worthwhile.


"We support multiple operative systems through our spectrum of devices, and whilst we are keen to continue working with partners including Google and Microsoft, bada will continue to be a big focus for us.

"We are committed to supporting developers who create apps for the bada platform, and will continue to provide the right tools for them to do so".