Samsung to bring touchscreen handset to Europe

And it looks vaguely familiar…

Samsung is bringing its ‘iPhone killer’ to Europe this June, the SGH-F480, and the specs are pretty impressive.

HSDPA, 5-megapixel camera with image stabilisation and autofocus, and haptic feedback. Sounds great.

The handset also sports an FM radio and a microSD slot to upgrade the internal memory, and carries support for stereo Bluetooth headsets via A2DP.

Mirror image

Wow, you might say, this is perfect! High-end specs and a touch screen? Apple, watch out! Except we’ve seen it almost exactly the same already in the LG Viewty, which was released early in Q4 last year!

That’s right, the two devices are almost exactly the same - touch screen, camera capability, Bluetooth, microSD…it’s like they were separated at birth.

It’s tricky to say what the market will think about a phone coming to the European market that adds very little except a stronger brand name - the Viewty has sold well since its launch so it’s not like consumers are crying out.

To be fair, the Samsung does have 232MB of internal memory - the LG only has 100MB.

And the SGH-F480 is a bit smaller, apparently the same as a credit card…but don’t worry, that will be remedied when its big brother, the SGH-F490 arrives.



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