Samsung: from Soul to Steel

Drops the weird little interactive window

The new Samsung steel, set to hit the shores of the UK in June 2008 and coming exclusively to Vodafone, is a tidy little package.

It bears more than a passing resemblance to the recent Samsung Soul model, with the interactive touch window, but still seems enough for the average Samsung-lover.

With HSDPA, 3MP camera (probably 3.2MP if you love that little bit extra quality) with autofocus, and Bluetooth (though no word on A2DP, but everyone has that these days right?)

The stereo Bluetooth theory would be backed up by expandable microSD memory capabilities, with up to 8GB possible.

Nothing new, but still nice

To be honest, this phone won’t make any huge waves in handset pioneering, but decent mid-range handsets is a game Samsung knows how to play.

“With the Samsung Steel we wanted to create a multimedia handset with a timeless appeal and premium feel”, boasted Mark Mitchinson, Vice President, Samsung Mobile UK and Ireland.

Basically, a bit better than our others with faster connectivity and making it feel a bit more expensive than it really is.

Designed for the ‘style-conscious user’, head down to your local stockist to feel all fashionable.


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