Android creeps even closer

Google’s mobile OS demoed in San Francisco

At the internet search behemoth’s annual conference, Google showed off a number of new features for its new Android open-source mobile operating system.

Although Google representatives remained as tight-lipped as ever, the system is still on course to be released by the end of the year, so the notion Android is nearly completely seems to hold water.

Touching features

Of the interesting features on display, some really grabbed the eye, including a method of unlocking the phone by drawing a shape on the touch screen, rather than using a password.

Another noteworthy idea using Google Maps in association with GPS to register the direction the user is facing, turning the phone into a real-time compass.

The handset on display was not given an official moniker, but if someone had said it was the HTC Dream, the development handset rumoured a few months ago, it wouldn’t have been a huge surprise.

The event clarified the feeling that once the OS is released, the mobile world will spiral towards sporting mobile computers instead of just phones sooner rather than later.



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