Blackberry Kickstart saunters into reality

RIM’s flip phone looks set to debut

It’s all very well commenting on rumours these days, but most are just a set of fan-boy mock-ups made on their parents’ PC.

Blackberry seems to be one of those companies that is developing more phones via rumour than it ever actually creates, and the notion the firm could be developing a flip phone was tarred with the same suspicion.

But it seems RIM’s foray into the market with the Kickstart is a very real possibility, with devices being pictured and PowerPoint presentations leaked.

A Bold new world

The new device will apparently use a similar two-letter button keyboard as seen on other models, and will ship with the new Blackberry OS version 5.0, which Blackberry Bold user will soon be able to upgrade to.

The phone will essentially work in the same way as a 'normal' Blackberry, but with the continuing influence of the media player in Blackberry devices present through the ability to play music on the outer screen when the phone is closed.

TechRadar spoke to Blackberry to find out when the device was going to hit, but the company remains tight-lipped about the existence of such a device, despite evidence to the contrary.

Head over to BGR and Crackberry for more pictures and to see the presentation.


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