iPad Air 2 will have anti-glare display, says report

But no mention of the mini

iPad Air

We don't need to tell you that Apple is set to refresh its iPads later this year, but we should probably tell you about some details that have surfaced regarding at least one of the new tablets.

Sources familiar with Apple's plans tell Bloomberg that Apple's tablets have gone into production, and add that "the larger iPad" (ie the iPad Air 2) will feature an "anti-reflection coating" that will make its display easier to read.

The details don't get more technical than that, so we assume this is in reference to some sort of anti-glare display as seen on the iPhone.

Watch this space

The sources don't mention whether the new iPad mini will pack in a similar display, but Bloomberg does go on to reiterate rumours that both a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 are in production along with an wearable device, quoting "people with knowledge of the matter".

Tim Cook has promised big things from Apple this year and it sounds like we won't be disappointed. The next few months could be Apple's busiest for quite some time.