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Philips invents swallowable camera pill

The Philips iPill (before digestion)
The Philips iPill (before digestion)

The latest gadget to be prefixed by an 'I' is also the one that you will least likely have on your Christmas list anytime soon.

The iPill is the latest device made by Philips and is a camera pill that can deliver targeted doses of medicine to patients.

The capsule is small enough to swallow (11mmx26mm) and, once ingested, passes through your digestive system dosing you up with the right amount of medicine before it's deposited in the normal way out the other side.

Colon explorer

The pill has been designed to help patients with digestive disorders, such as Crohn's disease and colon cancer. Once swallowed, the pill will wirelessly report its findings back to an external receiver.

The invention was shown off this week in at the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists in Atlanta.