You can now pre-order Samsung’s next-gen 2024 TVs and funky Music Frame speaker

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When Samsung listed the European prices for its new 2024 range of OLED and QLED TVs, we were a bit disappointed to report that a number of models were getting price hikes. As we wrote last month, there were "major jumps in some cases, well above Eurozone inflation rates". 

We also noted that some of the pressures on prices, such as materials costs, shipping costs and tech costs, were global rather than limited to the EU. So we're not entirely surprised to see that there are some price rises in the US too to what will be the best Samsung TVs

The new Samsung S90D costs $100 over the Samsung S90C; the Samsung QN90D is $380 more than the Samsung QN90C; and at the highest end, the 8K Samsung QN900D is a whopping $1,000 more than the Samsung QN900C. These are the official prices for the US models in Samsung's 2024 TV range are as follows:

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Samsung Neo QLED 8KAvailable sizesPrice
QN900D65- to 85-inchesFrom $4,999
QN800D65- to 85-inchesFrom $3,499
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Samsung Neo QLED 4KAvailable sizesPrice
QN90D 43- and 98-inchesFrom $1,499
QN85D55- and 85-inchesFrom $1,399
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Samsung OLEDAvailable sizesPrice
S95D55- and 77-inchesFrom $2,599
S90D55- and 65-inchesFrom $1,999
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Samsung The FrameAvailable sizesPrice
The Frame43- and 75-inches$999

Samsung has also announced the price of its Music Frame audio player, which is $399. That's about the same price of the Sonos Era 300, which we rate as one of the best wireless speakers you can buy. 

To sweeten the deal, Samsung is currently offering a deal where if you pre-order a 2024 Samsung TV you can get a 65-inch TU690T for free. And there's another deal giving you a $50 credit if you pre-order the Music Frame. Both offers are valid through April 11 at Samsung and at participating retailers. 

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