New Netflix trailer for Arcane season 2 teases new heroes, another possible time skip, and Vi's updated costume

Caitlyn (center) and Vi (second right) are joined by other new Piltover Wardens in Arcane season 2
Caitlyn (center) and Vi (second right) will have some new law enforcement buddies in season 2. (Image credit: Netflix)

Try to manage your emotions, Arcane fans, but we just received another exciting look at the critically-acclaimed Netflix show's second season.

After debuting as part of a new Next on Netflix Animation montage video, Arcane season 2's latest batch of footage – all 12 seconds of it, which were later posted on the animated series' social media accounts – teases a lot for what little was revealed. Indeed, fans – myself included – are already desperately trying to determine what we can from the meager offering we've been given.

Thankfully, some of the hit Netflix show's newest footage doesn't require too much brainpower to determine what's been shown. Indeed, parts of the teaser show that Vi will be back with her Hextech gauntlets in tow, and that she'll reunite with budding ally (or should that be burgeoning romantic partner?) Caitlyn following Arcane's emotionally stunning season 1 finale. There's also a very brief glimpse of Jinx, Vi's estranged sister/the show's primary antagonist, igniting a flare in the YouTube video but, contrary to what some fans have said, that clip isn't part of one of the best Netflix shows' sophomore outing. It's actually from season 1 episode 6, which – spoilers – sees Vi and Jinx reunite for the first time since episode 3's life-altering events.

Anyway, the brand-new footage also reveals that Vi – albeit reluctantly, based on her demeanor/body language – will become part of the Piltover Enforcers, aka the prosperous, technologically-advanced city's police force. She'll be joined by Caitlyn, who was already part of said group in season 1, as well as three new Wardens (more on one of them in a moment). Considering Vi is a citizen of Zaun – the working class undercity that Piltover was built over – I don't think Zaun's populace, Jinx, or Ekko (the latter being one of Vi's childhood friends) will take too kindly to her seemingly turncoat behavior.

Fascinating as all of that is, there's one particularly pertinent question on Arcane fans' minds regarding season 2's new teaser clip – and it's got nothing to do with Vi, Jinx, Caitlyn, or Ekko.

Is that Ren, Marcus' daughter in Arcane season 2's new clip?

A close-up of one of the new Piltover Wardens in Arcane season 2

Arcane fans think this is an aged-up version of Marcus' daughter Ren, but I'm not convinced (Image credit: Netflix)

One quick glance at the internet later, Arcane viewers – and League of Legends (LoL) fans, on which Arcane is based – are convinced that one of Caitlyn and Vi's fellow Wardens (the one standing on the far left of the group's lineup) is none other than Ren, the daughter of the deceased Enforcer known as Marcus. He was the corrupt Head of Piltover's police force who died in a firelight bomb explosion (one set off by Jinx) in season 1 episode 7. 

If this is a grown-up Ren, it's a reveal that presents not one, but two big questions: has Ren followed in her father's footsteps to enact revenge on Jinx for murdering Ren's dad? And, considering Ren was only a child when Marcus died, will Arcane season 2, just like its forebear, feature a time jump? 

Personally, I don't think this is Ren. It's possible that it's her mom instead, which would be more fitting if Arcane season 2 opens in the immediate aftermath of the season 1 finale. A time skip would mean we'd get an aged up Caitlyn and Vi, too – not by much, admittedly, but they certainly wouldn't still look as young as they do in season 1 if its successor moved years into the future. 

Netflix, Riot Games (LoL and Arcane's creator), and Fortiche (Arcane's animation studio) are keeping their story plot cards very close to their chest, so we won't get answers to the above until the series' second season debuts on the world's best streaming service. What we do know, however, is that Arcane season 2 will be released sometime in November 2024 and, as voice actor Ella Purnell exclusively told me, season 2 will be an entry that'll "emotionally devastate" fans.

As for other speculation-inducing teases, a recent Arcane season 2 poster indicated a fan-favorite character would return, but not as a hero. Earlier this year, the first Arcane season 2 clip suggested a new LoL villain would debut in the popular show's second installment, too.

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