Netflix’s House of Ninjas looks like the next Cobra Kai in fast-paced new trailer

A clip from Netflix's House of Ninjas
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Sharpen your shurikens and dust off your daggers: Japan faces a national crisis and the only ones who can help are ninjas in Netflix's new Drama series. Luckily for the people of Japan, the ninjas are still around, having spent years in hiding to stay out of sight and out of mind. 

But when the nation needs their help, the last and deeply dysfunctional ninja family must spring into action. Sounds amazing, right? If that synopsis of the plot has got you hooked already, then the new trailer (embedded below) is only going to add to your excitement. 

Why we're excited about House of Ninjas

Netflix announced House of Ninjas back in 2022, with an entertaining premise: the show focuses on the dysfunctional Tamara family, the last remaining ninjas in Japan, who hung up their ninjatōs after "a certain incident in the past". But when the greatest crisis in Japanese history threatens the entire nation, they must leave their hiding place and prepare for battle.

According to Netflix, the show will be "fusing spy elements of ninjas taking on top secret missions with a family drama about a group of colorful family members". That makes it sound a bit like a live-action take on The Incredibles, but instead of the family being superheroes they're super-skilled assassins – and quite frankly that sounds brilliant. The trailer suggests that, like the Pixar movie, the show will have some fun with the contrasts between everyday life and the family's secret identities.

Based on a story by Kento Kaku, Yoshiaki Murao and Takafumi Imai, the show was written and directed by American director Dave Boyle and features a cast including Kento Kaku, Yosuke Eguchi, Tae Kimura, Kengo Kora, Aju Makita and Nobuko Miyamoto.

We're promised an "unconventional ninja spectacle" from the best streaming service, mixing suspense with lightning-quick action scenes – and you won't have long to wait: the series premieres on Netflix on February 15th.

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