Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown faces a fiery showdown with a dragon in Netflix's Damsel trailer

Millie Bobby Brown's Elodie walks down a royal family's hallway in bloody and tattered clothes in Netflix's Damsel film
Elodie is one damsel who doesn't need saving. (Image credit: Netflix)

The official trailer for Netflix's Damsel has been revealed – and Millie Bobby Brown has certainly got her hands full in her latest movie for the streaming titan.

Released today (February 13), the final teaser for the streamer's forthcoming fantasy epic sees the Stranger Things star fight for survival amid numerous obstacles. Chief among those roadblocks are a hungry, fire-breathing dragon and a ruling class whose blatant disregard for human life means they're sure to be taken down a peg or two by Brown's heroine, Elodie. Take a look at the last trailer for Netflix's Damsel below:

Damsel's new three-minute long trailer comes two months after one of 2024's new Netflix movies finally received an official launch date. It was expected to arrive in late 2023, but that release window came and went without a sign that Brown's latest film-based venture would make its bow on the world's best streaming service. Thankfully, in December 2023, Netflix confirmed Brown's Damsel was no longer in distress as it announced a March 8, 2024 release.

For those who might not have heard of Damsel before, Brown stars as the previously mentioned Elodie, a duty-bound princess who is married off to the handsome Prince Henry. However, Henry's family harbors a terrible secret: in order to repay an ancient debt, his bloodline must regularly sacrifice princesses to a cave-dwelling dragon. Unfortunately for Henry and his relatives, though, Elodie isn't prepared to become the next meal of the scaly, mythical beast.

Joining Brown on the cast list are notable names including Ray Winstone (Black Widow) as Henry's father and his realm's King, Robin Wright (House of Cards) as Queen Isabelle, Nick Robinson (Love, Victor) as Prince Henry, and Angela Bassett (Black Panther: Wakanda Forver) as Elodie's stepmother Lady Bayford.

Dan Mazeau (Fast X) is on chief scriptwriting duties, while Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) brings his horror and thriller-fuelled filmmaking style to a movie that subverts expectations of typical 'damsel in distress' tales.

"She’s [Elodie] a damsel who doesn’t need to be saved," Brown told Netflix Tudum. "She saves herself in many ways. It subverts what you expect: You’re expecting the prince to turn around and save her, and… no. Don’t wait for the prince.

"I couldn’t draw from anything because I’ve personally never read a story like Damsel. With [Stranger Things'] Eleven, I’m able to draw from Mad Max. Or, with Enola Holmes, I’m able to draw a little bit from Hermione in Harry Potter. I couldn’t find anyone for Elodie and so I knew I was going to have to create her, find her along the way, find what her weaknesses and strengths are, and really create a life and a journey for her so that everybody would care about her, believe in her, and root for her."

You'll find out if Damsel manages to win our affections and sneak onto our best Netflix movies list following its March 8 release. In the meantime, get the lowdown on Stranger Things season 5, the final entry of the hugely popular Netflix series that Brown is currently filming.

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