How to watch Lost Boys and Fairies online from anywhere

Gabriel (played by Sion Daniel Young) and Andy (Fra Fee) in matching his-and-his Superman t-shirts
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Gabriel (played by Sion Daniel Young) is an ‘artiste-extraordinaire’ who performs at the queer club Neverland in Cardiff. His partner Andy (Far Fee) is an accountant. Perhaps it shouldn't work – but it does. And now they want to adopt a child... Here's where to watch Lost Boys and Fairies online from anywhere and potentially for free.

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Next episode: Monday, June 3 at 9pm BST
Watch free: BBC iPlayer (UK)
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Lost Boys and Fairies is a three-part Welsh/ English bilingual drama set in Cardiff that explores the themes of parents and children told against the backdrop of gay adoption. What does it mean to be a parent? How does it change your life? Is adoption even more complicated? 

Creator of the show Daf James and his husband adopted eight years ago and before he wrote the show felt like he "hadn't seen adoption represented authentically on screen" and that was something he wanted to change. He obviously draws upon that experience but the story is not entirely autobiographical.

Also a modern love story (with an incredible soundtrack) through Gabriel we see a character who needs to deal with the trauma of his past before he can move forward and be the father to Jake that he knows he wants to be. And to do that he has to deal with his difficult relationship with his own father.

Read on as we explain how to watch Lost Boys and Fairies from anywhere in the world.

How to watch Lost Boys and Fairies free online

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9pm BSTMonday, June 3

Lost Boys and Fairies premieres on BBC One at 9pm BST on Monday, June 3. Two further episodes air at the same time each week.

The show is also available to live stream for free on BBC iPlayer, with a valid TV licence, from 6am BST on Monday, June 3. The platform service works across a huge array of devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, media streaming devices like Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Chromecast and Roku, and PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

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If you're keen to watch Lost Boys and Fairies but you're away from home and access to the show is geo-blocked, then you could always use a VPN to access it (assuming you're not breaching any broadcaster T&Cs, of course). You may be surprised by how simple it is to do.

Use a VPN to watch Lost Boys and Fairies from anywhere

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2. Connect to the appropriate server location – open the VPN app, hit 'choose location' and select the appropriate geographical location

3. Go to the broadcaster's live stream – so, in this case, just head to BBC iPlayer

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Can you watch Lost Boys and Fairies in the US?

As yet no American broadcaster has picked up Lost Boys and Fairies but that might change. In the meantime, Brits in the States for work or on vacation can use a VPN to watch Lost Boys and Fairies on BBC iPlayer from abroad.

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Can you watch Lost Boys and Fairies in Canada?

As in the US, there's no word as to when or if Lost Boys and Fairies will arrive in Canada. 

However, UK nationals currently traveling in Canada can use a VPN to unblock BBC iPlayer and watch the show from anywhere in the world. We recommend NordVPN.

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Can you watch Lost Boys and Fairies in Australia?

Lost Boys and Fairies is available to stream in Australia on Stan and lands on Tuesday, June 4.

Brits currently away from home can use a VPN to watch Lost Boys and Fairies on BBC iPlayer from abroad.

Lost Boys and Fairies trailer

Lost Boys and Fairies cast

Sion Daniel Young - Gabriel

Fra Fee - Andy

Elizabeth Berrington - Jackie

Sharon D Clarke - Claire

Emrys - William Thomas

Maria Doyle Kennedy - Sandra

Arwel Gruffydd - Berwyn / Fanny Ample

Shaheen Jafargholi - Celyn

Leo Harris - Jake

Mali Ann Rees - Llinos

Gwyneth Keyworth - Becky

Lost Boys and Fairies episode list

Episode One: We Are All Just Children

Queer performance artist extraordinaire Gabriel and his partner Andy long to adopt a child. But Gabriel’s own history of childhood trauma threatens to completely derail the process.

Episode Two: With or Without You

With preparations for the adoption well under way, a shocking event changes this new-found family’s life forever.

Episode Three: Look at Your Kind Face

The repercussions of a catastrophic event that changes Andy and Gabe’s life forever sends Gabe spiralling, and the adoption is put into jeopardy. Will Jake find his forever home?

Interview with Sion Daniel Young (Gabriel)

What can you tell us about Gabriel, the character you play in Lost Boys & Fairies?

Gabriel is who we follow through the story. He's got a lot of baggage and that plays a big part in this series in terms of the decisions and life choices that he has to navigate.

When we first meet Gabriel he and his partner Andy are sorting the house out, trying to get ready for their first adoption meeting. Gabriel's journey is massive. He is trying to keep certain things at bay that eventually come to the surface and have a real effect on both his life and his partner Andy's life.

Why did you want this role? What hooked you in?

The main reason was my gut feeling after reading those scripts, because sometimes you read things and they don't necessarily chime with you but this one just felt just really special. Daf and I have known each other for a long time. To know that this story he's been working on for so long has got to the point where there's a script and I could read it, it just felt like a really lovely moment.

How would you describe Lost Boys & Fairies and the premise of the story?

I find it quite hard to describe because – and I know this gets said a lot, but – it genuinely does feel like there's a little bit of everything in this show... the show is Gabriel and Andy going through the adoption process and dealing with everything that comes with that. A lot of things in their pasts complicate their journey through this process. I think is a really amazing bit of storytelling and television.

Why you think this is an important story to tell?

I think it's an important story to tell because I think loads of people will feel like they're seeing themselves for maybe the first time on television. Daf's got a really unique voice and he's interested in stories that maybe haven't been told to the extent they should have previously. I think he likes to root for the outsider. I think he's managed to do that with this show. It's important because I think it'll move people. I think people will feel seen in this show in a way that they probably haven't in the past.

What are the themes of the story?

The show is mainly about this adoption process that Gabriel and Andy go on. But then Gabriel's world feels like a totally different thing, he works as a singer in a club and that's a really interesting side of the story. The performative element is really interesting and the show is the quite theatrical at times. Love, I think is the biggest theme, whether it's the absence of it or the presence of it.

How would you describe Gabe's relationship with Andy? How did they first meet?

Gabriel’s relationship with Andy is really beautiful, it feels really real. It's flawed, it's full of love, it's fiery. It just feels like a very real relationship. All those scenes between Gabriel and Andy will hopefully ring true because there's this real love behind everything the characters do - even though they clearly frustrate each other at times, mainly Gabriel for Andy!

Why do you think Gabriel and Andy have decided they want to adopt?

I think they've decided that they want to adopt because they've been together for a long time. They're at a point in their lives where they want a new chapter and that new challenge, they trust each other enough that they can do it together.

It's true, for Andy as well but I think it's mainly Gabriel, where in the adoption process a lot of things come to the surface that he's not dealt with in the past. These things sort of become roadblocks as he's trying to move forward through the process, it complicates things for both him and for Andy.

The character of Jackie (Elizabeth Berrington) becomes our social worker. She navigates us through the whole adoption process and tries to make sure that we stay open minded. Jackie guides us in the right direction. She's sort of our oracle.

Would you say Jackie becomes more than just a social worker to Gabriel and Andy?

Yes, absolutely. It becomes a really lovely personal relationship, especially for Gabriel. She becomes a real like guiding light for him.

What's Gabriel's backstory and what's the relationship like with his father?

Gabriel's backstory is vast. He lost his mum when he was young, which has a massive effect on him, obviously. That has a really detrimental effect on his relationship with his dad, Emrys (William Thomas), who struggled to be as open as Gabriel needed him to be. They were constantly butting heads and seeing things very differently as Gabriel was growing up. Gabriel then goes to music college in London and lives a very kind of problematic life in London for a while. These are the roots of the issues that later come up as he's trying to go through the adoption process. I think he hopes that as he's getting older his relationship with his dad will mend itself. It doesn't and he realises it's something that is going to take a lot of work. The question is whether he feels he can get to that point or not.

Can you describe the Neverland venue featured in the story, the performances and the people who go there?

Neverland is the club that Gabriel performs at, and there's plenty of other performers there - comedians, dancers, drag acts, singers and all sorts. It's a fully inclusive, open, beautiful Babylon-y, Moulin Rouge-y, amazing club where everyone feels like they're welcome. The set itself genuinely had that feeling between the cast, supporting artists and everybody. It was a really special filming location for a week, really wonderful.

How did you find those performance scenes?

Performing the songs, it is a different world. I think that's what is really nice about this show - the theatrical element and the performative side, and then the more domestic stuff. In terms of filming the performances it's all storytelling. All the songs are there for a reason, they're part of Gabriel's journey.

What is it about the show that will excite audiences?  

I think the thing that will excite audiences is that it feels like we're telling a new story. Daf has a really unique voice, his way of storytelling is genuinely unlike anyone else's. He sees the world in a magical way and the music is intertwined with all of that.

What makes Lost Boys & Fairies a "must see"?

I think it's got a little something for everyone. I also think it's going to take people by surprise because I don't think people will foresee the journey that the characters go on. It's totally joyous, it's also absolutely heart-breaking - a real gut punch. But I just think people will root for the characters and will want to go on that journey with them, as troublesome as it can be later on down the line.

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