Loki season 2's new trailer might have spoiled a key plot point from the Marvel TV show

A close up of a teary-eyed Loki in his prison gear in Loki season 2
Will Loki season 2 revisit some classic scenes from its predecessor? (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Marvel has released a new teaser for Loki season 2 – and the new footage might have spoiled a key plot point ahead of the show's return.

The 45-second trailer, which you can watch below, is packed with plenty of never-before-seen clips. Given how short this latest Loki season 2 teaser is, it's hard to discern much – if anything – about its plot. That said, there is something that the teaser appears to give away about the Disney Plus series' sophomore season.

Before we dig into what that is, though, watch the teaser:

Are you excited? We're excited – although as we suggested above, the latest footage might have ruined a specific story thread from the forthcoming Marvel Phase 5 show – and it's a plot point that seems to have its roots in Avengers: Endgame's time heist.

Thanks to Loki season 2's first trailer, we already knew that the god of mischief will be pulled through space and time in his next Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) outing. It revealed that Loki will travel to the past, present, and future, with that story beat being doubled-down on in this trailer.

What we didn't know – or, at least, what we didn't expect – is that Loki will apparently be caught in some sort of Groundhog Day-style situation. The latest footage teases that this could be the case, with Loki telling an off-screen character (at the 0:02 mark) that "what I'm about to tell you is going to be hard to believe... again". 

It's safe to assume that he's speaking to the new version of Agent Mobius here. That's based on the ending of Loki episode 6, aka the season 1 finale, and the second season's first trailer which a) saw Loki meet Mobius 2.0 in a different reality, and b) team up with this Mobius after Loki explains who he is and fills Mobius in on season 1's time-hopping events.

If Loki is talking to Mobius at the start of this teaser, it's clear that he's trapped in a Groundhog Day-like time loop. That means, like Bill Murray's Phil Connor, Loki will have to seek out Mobius 2.0 every time the day resets, armed with new information, to eventually get out of his sticky situation. It's a scenario that was seemingly teased in Loki season 2's first poster, which you can see below, and which shows various incarnations of Loki trapped on an never-ending Escher-like spiral walkway, which further points to a 'trapped in a time-loop' storyline.

Okay, so what's this particular plot beat got to do with Avengers: Endgame's time heist? 

For starters, towards the end of the teaser, Loki appears to have assembled his own Avengers-like squad to help him conjure up a plan or two. The first of those involves stabilizing his body so he can remain in one place.

The second plan? Stopping Victor Timely, one of season 2's expected villains, from stoking the fires of the multiverse's collapse. We see an out-of-focus Timely looking on as someone plays with a miniature figurine of Mobius 2.0 who, as teased at various points in the latest teaser, embarks on a space-walk towards the multiverse's diverging timelines. This begs the question: why is Timely getting someone to re-enact Mobius 2.0's mission (albeit on a small-scale level) if he isn't trying to stop Mobius from preventing the multiverse's collapse?

After all, that's what every multiversal variation of Kang the Conqueror – of which Timely is one – wants. The multiverse's collapse means that every timeline will converge and, as they collide with one another, it'll reignite the Multiversal War. Timely isn't looking to help Loki and company save the day, so he'll want to work out what Mobius, Loki, and the rest of the team are planning, and stop them from succeeding.

Loki and his team, then, may need to re-enact the Avengers' time-heist plan from Endgame to travel, well, back in time to put a stop to Timely's nefarious scheme at the source. In summary: expect plenty of high-stakes time-traveling and mind-bending escapades to ensue in the second season of one of the best Disney Plus shows ever made.

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