Disney Plus’ Thank You, Goodnight trailer gives glimpse into a 40-year odyssey of rock and roll

A still from the Thank You Goodnight Bon Jovi series coming soon to Disney Plus, which shows an old photo of the band Bon Jovi.
Expect iconic photos and previously unseen images and footage in the upcoming Disney Plus docuseries Thank You Goodnight. (Image credit: Disney Plus / Bon Jovi)

Calling all rock enthusiasts and music historians, a four-part documentary series chronicling the journey of the legendary rock band Bon Jovi is coming to Disney Plus and Hulu. Called Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story, this docuseries promises an intimate exploration of the band's 40 year long career, offering fans a unique glimpse into the lives of its members, both past and present.

The series delves deep into the band's story, charting their meteoric rise, the challenges they've faced, and the enduring legacy they've built over the decades. Viewers can expect a treasure trove of content, a lot of which they may not have seen before. Including candid interviews with the band members, heartfelt conversations with frontman Jon Bon Jovi, personal videos, previously unseen photos and unreleased demos.

2024 marks a significant milestone for Bon Jovi, celebrating the 40th anniversary of their debut self-titled studio album. In commemoration of this landmark year, Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story will premiere on Hulu in the US on Friday, April 26. Simultaneously, the docuseries will be available for streaming on Disney Plus in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Canada, with plans to extend its reach to other countries still in the pipeline.

Why Thank You, Goodnight is worth streaming

The upcoming Bon Jovi docuseries will be a must-watch for fans of the band, so there's a good chance it'll make the cut for our roundup of the best Disney Plus shows. It marks the first-ever documentary series dedicated to Bon Jovi, offering an unprecedented look into their world over the decades. 

Directed and executive produced by Gotham Chopra (a sports documentary maker), the series gains its name from the signature sign-off used by frontman Jon Bon Jovi after live performances.

This documentary looks set to do more than simply chronicle the band's journey. It offers an honest examination of Bon Jovi's history, far removed from being just a puff piece. It provides both long-time fans and newcomers an intimate look into the band's evolution, including Jon Bon Jovi's challenging return to the stage following vocal chord surgery, which is a testament to his resilience and dedication to his music.

According to sources, Thank You, Goodnight doesn’t shy away from the raw and real aspects of the band's story. It invites viewers to join the band at a pivotal moment in February 2022, as they begin to contemplate their future in the music industry. This inside look is rare, especially for Jon Bon Jovi, who has historically kept a tight lid on his personal life and the inner workings of the band.

Viewers can expect a rollercoaster of emotions as the four-part series navigates through the band's ups and downs on the best streaming service, including their triumphs and failures, chart-topping hits, and moments of disappointment, as well as public disagreements.

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