Prime Video's Bosch is getting another TV spin-off starring a character we haven't met yet

Harry Bosch stars off into the distance in Prime Video's Bosch TV series
Amazon's Bosch franchise is expanding again with the announcement of another spin-off. (Image credit: Amazon)

Harry Bosch is one of the great characters in modern detective fiction, and so far Amazon has made two Prime Video shows about him: the eponymous Bosch and spin-off Bosch Legacy

Now, a third is on the way, albeit it won't star Titus Welliver in the lead role. Per Variety, one of the world's best streaming services is getting another, currently untitled spin-off series focusing on a character you haven't met yet. Well, unless you haven't read Michael Connelly's books. The new show will focus on detective Renée Ballard, whose cold case adventures have been the focus of several of Connelly's most recent thrillers.

This is a great way to keep Bosch current because – spoilers! – in the TV show's universe, he's long retired. In Bosch Legacy, though, he remained a major character, mostly because of his inability to keep himself out of trouble. In the franchise's latest spin-off, he'll be playing a mentor role to Ballard and, if you've read the books, you'll know his mentoring style is going to be of the action-packed persuasion rather than a simple advisory role telling Ballard how best to approach her cases. 

Opinion: more Bosch can never be a bad thing

A screenshot of a poster for Amazon's Bosch TV show showing a close-up of the titular character

Given its apparent popularity, another Bosch spin-off isn't a huge surprise.  (Image credit: Amazon Studios)

I have to confess that I love Bosch. I loved him in the books, I loved him in his self-titled series – which we should really add to our best Prime Video shows guide – and I loved Bosch Legacy, too. The latter managed to stay on just the right side of preposterousness and, while Legacy and its predecessor are chock-full of cop-show tropes, they do it so well it's impossible to resist their considerable charm. 

The Ballard-fronted series might not be the only new spin-off show, either. As Variety also reports, there have been discussions about a side project focusing on Jerry Edgar (Jamie Hector), Bosch's on-screen partner who occasionally appears in Bosch: Legacy. I hope that's the case, too – Edgar always felt like something of an afterthought in the Amazon's adaptation of Connelly's novels and, as one of the few Black characters in the cast, Hector feels woefully underused. Edgar is very different from his partner, so the prospect of an Edgar-starring series is really interesting to me.

If you haven't already been bitten by the Bosch bug, you can stream it on Prime Video. Additionally, you can catch Bosch Legacy on Amazon Freevee, which is the e-commerce giant's completely free streaming service. Oh, and if you're after more TV adaptations of Connelly's works, The Lincoln Lawyer is currently available to stream on Netflix. In my view, it's one of the best Netflix shows around, so hop to it.

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