Samsung galaxy y review

The Samsung Galaxy Y packs a standard Android internet browser, but due to the weedy processor and low res display browsing the web is a basic experience.

There is 3G and 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi on board to aid you in your online pursuits, so all hope is not lost.

Content heavy websites take time to load and images appear grainy on a display which is far better suited to text.

The classic pinch-to-zoom functionality is present and correct, however there is no text-reflow when zoomed in. This makes reading pages a frustrating experiencing as we found ourselves scrolling left and right to get through an article.

Flash is not supported, thanks to the low grade processor sitting in the Galaxy Y, so don't hold out hopes for fancy websites or crazy videos.

Samsung galaxy y review

Bookmarking is featured and the browser provides a tiled display which makes adding and selecting bookmarks an easy task.

The Samsung Galaxy Y provides the bare bones of online browsing, but thanks to a sub-standard processor, poor display and lack of flash support don't expect to be whizzing round the web at any pace.