Samsung galaxy y review


On the Samsung Galaxy Y contacts can be accessed via the dedicated app or the phone app. You can select how the contacts are ordered and displayed in the settings, by forename or surname.

Images can be associated with a contact and you are able to add multiple numbers and emails addresses to a person along with various other details such as birthdays.

Social media integration is included with the Galaxy Y able to pull your contacts from Facebook and Twitter allowing you to match them up and although this is simple to do, it has to be done contact by contact. There's no slick mechanism to do it automatrically as there is on the Wildfire S thanks a feature in HTC's Sense interface.

Samsung galaxy y review

A nice feature of Samsung's TouchWiz interface is the ability to view history, activity and media exchanges between yourself and each contact. Great if you need to see what call/message/picture you sent to you're mates after one to many beers the night before.

Adding, editing and deleting contacts is easy and the Galaxy Y gives you the option to save the contact to the phone, SIM or Google – depending how you want to be set up.

For those of you who have numerous friends you may find navigating the long list of contacts tricky on the small screen. Only 4 contacts fit on the screen at a time – but there is a search bar available allowing you to quickly jump to a contact.


Call quality was respectable and we didn't find any issues with signal dropping. The people we called said they were able to hear us fine and the speaker volume was adequate, even in noisy locations.

Samsung galaxy y review

The call screen is easy to use with quick buttons to bring up the keypad, put the phone on speaker and add people to the call.

Making a call can be done through the phone and contacts apps. Even on the small screen the number pad is big enough not to cause problems. Smart dialling is supported with the Galaxy Y, providing you with suggested contacts as you start typing a number.

Samsung galaxy y review

The TouchWiz interface makes contacts and calling easy and the Galaxy Y performs well. The only issue here is the size of the screen can make it fiddly at times.