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Titan Fenrir EVO review

Add a dose of Norse cool to your system

Titan Fenrir EVO
Hungry like the wolf (for heat)


  • Performance up to snuff
  • Tough and easy to use fittings
  • Good value


  • No second fan option

Titan's Fenrir EVO is a big tower cooler whose looks live up to the macho name (a monstrous wolf from Norse mythology). The stack of fins are anodised a snazzy matt black with a copper-coloured section, and the top sports a wolf's-head logo.

The basic construction is the same at the original Fenrir, with four 8mm copper heat pipes featuring Direct Touch, where the pipes are machined into the bottom of the heat spreader to touch your processor directly.

Clipped to one side of the stack is a main change, a new fan that features nine kukri-shaped blades. Its main rival for looks, as well as layout, is Xigmatek's Thor's Hammer, which is similarly butch.

The Fenrir EVO fits the latest generations of both Intel and AMD processors and computability includes LGA775, 1156 and 1366 as well as AM2 and AM3.