Lenovo Y50 review

Lenovo's latest gaming laptop: lightweight in more ways than one

Lenovo Y50 review
Lenovo Y50 review

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Lenovo set itself apart with in the gaming space with an (optionally) dual GPU-capable Y510p. While the Chinese computer company's latest Y50 machine is not as capable in terms of raw gaming power, it's a well built piece of technology, especially for the price, and an incredible deal when you really think about it.

We liked

Lenovo knows how to build a solid laptop, and it certainly shows with the Lenovo Y50. Unlike all the plastic gaming laptops out there, the Y50 has a much more tightly constructed body, a uniquely cross-hatched brushed aluminum design and a flawless keyboard and trackpad. You won't find many Windows laptops more well constructed.

It's not the most powerful machine, and I'd really love to equip this great platform with a higher end processor and GPU. As is, though, the Lenovo Y50 does well enough with what it has to play games at medium to high settings, plus most other applications.

We disliked

I'm pretty particular about displays, and the Lenovo Y50's screen simply does not make the cut in any regard. From the desaturated colors to the lacking brightness and washed out blacks, it's a bummer to look at. Sadly, it really is the biggest flaw that detracts from what is otherwise a more than decently equipped laptop with an excellent design for a great price.

Similarly, going mobile with this machine will be a pain with the Y50's short 3-hour battery life. You will have to keep a close eye on that energy gauge and constantly be on the look out for power outlets when taking this machine out.

Final verdict

Save for the screen and somewhat limited computing horsepower, the Lenovo Y50 is a very good package for its $1,519 or £999 (about AU$1,631) price tag. In a field of laptops that focus on filling out an internal spec sheet and stuffing it into a flimsy plastic chassis, the Lenovo Y50 is a breath of fresh air in good design.

However, self-ascribed "hardcore" gamers that want a bit more oomph from their total desktop replacement should consider the $1,999 Gigabyte P35W v2. The GTX 870M-backed machine will simply run games better regardless, and it packs better battery battery life too boot.

All said, the Y50 is a solid platform with a great sound system, impeccable inputs and should be more than capable to play most games – albeit not on the highest settings – for the next two years coming. While a great value for the build quality, consider what level of power you need before pressing the "buy" button on this one.

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