DreamCloud Best Rest memory foam pillow review

The DreamCloud Best Rest is a very shapeable cooling pillow

Close-up of the DreamCloud Best Rest pillow
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The DreamCloud Best Rest is a medium-to-high loft memory foam pillow with cooling properties that’s surprisingly effective. As such, it’s a very shapeable, very supportive, bouncy pillow that keeps back and side sleepers relatively cool even during the hottest months. As long as you’re not on the petite side, that is.


  • +

    Nice support and moldability balance

  • +

    Great cooling ability

  • +

    Soft to the touch cover

  • +

    Premium build


  • -

    On the pricier side

  • -

    Medium-to-high loft is not best for petites

  • -

    Non-adjustible fill

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The DreamCloud Best Rest memory foam pillow is just a little on the lofty side, and as our chiropractor likes to remind us, “You cannot have a thick pillow with your petite frame.” Choosing the best pillow for you, as you’ll come to find out if you’re only starting to shop around, is more than a matter of following the widely accepted recommendations of  loft, firmness, and moldability based on your preferred sleeping position.

Your height, form, and preferences matter a lot as well. This means that it’s possible for you to absolutely detest a pillow that everyone else loves. This also means that you might have to sort through a number of pillows that seem like the most ideal for you but actually aren’t in practice.

That’s kind of how the DreamCloud Best Rest memory foam pillow is for us. Its a high loft, medium firm, very shapeable pillow that kind of straddles that line between back and side sleeping, which in concept, makes it a perfect choice for such sleepers as well as combination ones. At the same time, because this reviewer is on the petite side, it’s just ever so slightly too thick and too firm to give us that natural spine alignment we need during sleep.

We can’t knock the DreamCloud Best Rest memory foam pillow for the amount of support and the moldability it offers, however. Nor can we snub its impressive cooling abilities – despite having a memory foam fill. In fact, it’s a terrific pillow that’s certainly worth considering, even if it’s not the perfect one for us.

Boost your sleep comfort further by investing in the best mattress for your budget (or the best memory foam mattress, if you're seeking joint-contouring comfort). Your sleep, after all, is never going to be the best without the right mattress for you.

DreamCloud Best Rest pillow review in brief

In fact, the DreamCloud Best Rest pillow has all the makings for a great pillow for a lot of people. At its core is a very moldable memory foam that both contours and supports based on your specific head, neck and shoulder form. It’s also got that medium-to-high loft with its 5.5-inch thickness and that medium firmness, allowing it to be thick enough for side sleepers but not too thick for back sleepers as well as firm enough for both types.

DreamCloud Best Rest at a glance

Close-up of the DreamCloud Best Rest pillow

(Image credit: Michelle Rae Uy)

Type: Memory foam pillow
Best suited to: Back and side non-petite sleepers
Dimensions: 25 x 16 x 5.5 inches (Standard), 32 x 16 x 5.5 inches (King)
Trial period: 50-night home trial
Warranty: 5-year warranty

It also boasts very effective cooling properties, despite being a memory foam pillow – if you haven’t tried memory foam before, you should know that this type of foam isn’t exactly known for temperature regulation as it tends to trap heat. That’s thanks to its polyethylene blend cover and copper gel-inflused fill. And, with its $99 to $129 price tag, it also finds itself in the higher mid-range market, which makes it an attainable purchase rather than a splurge.

Just keep in mind that since it is a higher loft pillow, it might not be the best for you if you’re on the petite side. The DreamCloud Best Rest is best for user of average to tall body frames.

DreamCloud Best Rest review: price and deals

  • DreamCloud’s only pillow in the US
  • $99 for a Standard, $129 for a King
  • Often sees discounts throughout the year

The DreamCloud Best Rest memory foam pillow sits in the mid-range market, being slightly more expensive than most pillows you’d find on Amazon or Walmart but definitely less pricier than other “luxurious” offerings. It costs $99 for a standard size and $129 for a king, but those prices seem to regularly drop due to sale events that DreamCloud runs throughout the year. For Black Friday, for example, both sizes are discounted 25%, making them even more affordable, and it's always worth checking the latest DreamCloud coupons for discounts.

While DreamCloud does have a UK online store, this particular pillow isn’t available outside of the US. If you live in the UK, you can either get the DreamCloud pillow or the Whole Night’s Sleep Pillow. Both are memory foam pillows as well.

If the DreamCloud Best Rest memory foam pillow isn’t for you, no worries. It comes with a 50-night home trial on top of a 5-year warranty.

View the DreamCloud Best Rest from $99 at DreamCloud

View the DreamCloud Best Rest from $99 at DreamCloud
This memory foam cooling pillow is a great sleeping solution to back and side sleepers of average height or taller. It’s often discounted at the DreamCloud online store year round, giving you up to 25% in savings.

DreamCloud Best Rest review: design and materials

  • Polyethylene blend cover
  • Copper gel-infused memory foam fill
  • Cover can be machine washed cold

Unlike most pillows you'll find at Target, Walmart, or Ikea, the DreamCloud Best Rest memory foam pillow comes with its own premium cover, which not only protects the fill but also provides that extra layer of cooling action. Made with a polyester-and-polyethylene blend (the top and bottom), it boasts a cooling property that helps with temperature regulation.

Close-up of the DreamCloud Best Rest pillow

(Image credit: Michelle Rae Uy)

This cover has a quilted finish that’s very soft to the touch – so soft the only reason to use a pillow case is to protect the actual cover. Its sides, on the other hand, are 100% polyester, but it feel nice so you don’t have to worry about irritating your neck.

Unzipping the zipper that runs across one edge of the cover reveals a full pad of memory foam inside with a very thin but stretchy netting. As it is a single pad, not chopped pieces, the fill cannot be modified to adjust thickness, unfortunately. However, the fill is removable so you can absolutely throw the cover in the machine to wash cold – a plus since the pillow itself is spot clean only.

Close-up of the DreamCloud Best Rest pillow

(Image credit: Michelle Rae Uy)

The DreamCloud Best Rest memory foam pillow is available in two sizes – the standard, which is 25 x 16, and the king, which is 32 x 16. Both are 5.5-inch thick, which puts them in that medium-to-high loft category.

DreamCloud Best Rest review: performance

  • No off-gassing smell
  • Great temperature regulation
  • Medium firmness, great moldability and contouring

Close-up of the DreamCloud Best Rest pillow

(Image credit: Michelle Rae Uy)

We slept on one standard-size DreamCloud Best Rest pillow for about three weeks, testing it in key areas of performance, including support, comfort, and temperature regulation. We were unable to find another individual with a different set of sleeping habits and a different body type, unfortunately, but we did use the pillow at different times of the day and in all sleeping positions. Here's what we discovered...


5 out of 5

Because the DreamCloud Best Rest pillow is a memory foam, it can be easily compressed into a vacuum-packed roll, which is exactly what DreamCloud did. It came in a thin and long rectangular box, packed in vacuum-tight plastic, and wrapped in cling wrap to help keep that roll nice and tight, preventing it from exploding out of the box.

Unpacking it is very similar to unpacking a bed in a box, except much easier since it’s a much smaller package. The cling wrap they used is on the long side so expect to unwrap several layers of it before you get to the actual plastic packaging.

Close-up of the DreamCloud Best Rest pillow

(Image credit: Michelle Rae Uy)

There’s not a lot of off-gassing smell here – something that we had expected as DreamCloud has always been great about premium, more environmentally-friendly materials – just that brand-new, fresh from the factory smell that dissipated quickly. In fact, we were able to lay our head on this pillow within minutes after unwrapping without being bothered by any sort of smell.

Temperature regulation

4 out of 5

If you are looking for a proper cooling pillow because you’re a hot sleeper, the DreamCloud Best Rest pillow may not be enough for you. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t do a good job of minimizing heat during slumber because it does. It just means that DreamCloud didn’t set out for it to prioritize cooling.

That said, most users can tell the difference between this pillow and any other memory foam pillow on the market. This reviewer hates sleeping on any type of memory foam mattress or bedding because it is a notorious heat-trapper, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue here.

Close-up of the DreamCloud Best Rest pillow

(Image credit: Michelle Rae Uy)

That’s thanks to the polyethylene cover that is cool-to-the-touch. PE fabrics are known to have cooling properties, as well as being ultra-light, and you’re definitely getting that advantage here. Plus, in order to minimize that notorious habit of trapping heat, DreamCloud has infused the memory foam fill with copper gel to help with temperature regulation.

Firmness and support

4.5 out of 5

The best thing about memory foam is that it conforms to pressure and is extremely moldable, which is exactly what you’re getting with the DreamCloud Best Rest pillow. That allows it to contour based on your own head and neck shape, offering a nicely snug fit without completely collapsing under the weight. That allows it to give you a lot of support as well, keeping your neck in that natural spine alignment position to prevent neck pain.

Because it has a medium-to-high loft (medium loft tops at about five inches) and medium firmness, it is great for back and side sleepers. At least in concept – or if you’re an average adult with an average to tall frame.

A hand pressing on the DreamCloud Best Rest pillow

(Image credit: Michelle Rae Uy)

If you’re on the petite end, however, this pillow feels an inch-and-a-half too thick, which is what we’ve experienced. Don’t get us wrong; it’s done a stellar job of supporting our head and neck during testing. However, because we are on the petite side, it’s just a little too thick to keep our neck in that neutral position.

So, while we slept great on it, we also often woke up with a sore neck. It doesn’t help that because you’re getting a single block of fill, we could not adjust the height to suit our smaller frame better.

DreamCloud Best Rest review: user reviews

It’s hard to get an accurate star rating of the DreamCloud Best Rest memory foam pillow because it’s only available on the manufacturer’s online store, and all the reviews are lumped together, regardless of the type of product. If you go on this pillow’s page, for example, you’ll see that that there are more than 10,000 reviews, and most of them are on the mattresses.

There’s a handful of customers that have mentioned the pillow, with some saying that it’s the best pillow they’ve ever used. You’ll have to through several pages of reviews, however, to really get a slight idea of what verified customers are saying about it. Since the pillow comes with a 50-night home trial, we recommend trying it out for yourself and returning it if you’re not happy.

Should you buy the DreamCloud Best Rest?

Close-up of the DreamCloud Best Rest pillow

(Image credit: Michelle Rae Uy)

Should you get the DreamCloud Best Rest pillow? If you’re a back or side sleeper who needs a good balance of moldability and support, with a little cooling action thrown in, then it’s definitely worth a try. Although it’s a little too thick for petite sleepers like this reviewer, we still see what it offers those who aren’t on the small side, ticking off everything they need for a dreamy slumber that doesn’t end in neck pain in the morning.

And, while it might not be on the budget side, it’s certain affordable for most people – at least it’s not too high of a price for the sake of having great sleep. Plus, trust us, you’re getting good value as you’re getting something made out of premium materials.

If you’re a hot sleeper, however, and need a lot more robust cooling, the Nectar Copper Pillow might be a better choice for you. It’s a little pricier, but it’s well worth the investment, especially if you can’t sleep during those sizzling summer months. If, on the other hand, you need something with a low loft, the Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Pillow might be a better option.

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