Toshiba 37RV753 review

Cut-price 37in LCD with a Freview HD tuner, but bargain-bin performance

Toshiba 37RV753
Cut-price 37in LCD with a Freeview HD tuner, but bargain-bin performance

TechRadar Verdict

If you need a second set, perhaps for a room you rarely visit, then the 37RV753 might fit the bill, but you could do much better


  • +

    Inexpensive for a branded TV

  • +

    Surprisingly robust stereo audio

  • +

    Freeview HD tuner


  • -

    Buzzing CCFL backlight

  • -

    Poor motion resolution

  • -

    Next to zero useful video file support

  • -

    Limited viewing angle

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The 37RV753 is the kind of screen most people now know Toshiba for. It's aggressively priced (at the time of writing you can pick it up for £399 at Tesco Direct with a Blu-ray player thrown in free of charge) and has the design aesthetic of a dressing table mirror. It's a quantum leap away from what the brand is now trying to achieve with its WL Jacob Jensen Design studio lineup.

It is a commodity product through and through, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Viewed from the front, this RV series set doesn't disgrace itself in polite company, although some might think the glossy bezel is rather too chunky to be a la mode.

So what do you get on a 37RV753? Well, not LED backlighting for a start. This model uses a traditional CCFL backlight (hence its 290mm deep cabinet), it also lacks motion resolution improvers (Active Vision M100 and Film Stabilization). In short, it's a bare bones box that offers barely any groovy gubbins.

Steve May
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