Toshiba 37rv753

The Toshiba 37RV753 is a mass-market telly aimed at the supermarket electricals shopper and is not intended to be a high performance purchase, but there are some fundamental flaws that deny it a recommendation. The buzzing backlight on this sample may be an isolated problem, but it might equally be indicative of what's in store for owners of this particular set. Its DLNA credentials are next to worthless and there are no IPTV niceties to compensate. Toshiba's new, immeasurably better WL line will yield greater satisfaction for anyone even slightly picky about pictures.

We liked

The surprisingly inoffensive audio performance, the Freeview HD tuner and the shopping-trolley price.

We disliked

The poor motion picture clarity, the intermittently buzzing CCFL backlight and hopeless video file support


If you need a second set, perhaps for a room you rarely visit, then the 37RV753 might fit the bill, but you could do much better.