Toshiba 37rv753

Audio quality of the set is surprisingly good. The larger cabinet size of the RV enables some air to move around and (even without using the subwoofer output for extra bass) there's sufficient roundness for the 2x10W output to serve general viewing well.

A Dynamic bass Boost option (Off, Low, High) further stuffs the mid-band, causing it to get a little too plumy. To counter this, there's a Voice Enhancement tweak that adds a little more treble.

The set also offers Dolby Volume, a neat example of post processing which equalises discrepancies between channels and sources, so that you don't jump out of your skin when a scary movie you've been watching cuts to a commercial ad break. The screen also supports Audio Description on programming, with variable levels of sound mixing available.


Ultimately, this bargain priced LCD performs much as you would expect it to. If you are looking for a reasonably priced screen, it might well do the job, although spending less on a TV (if it's your main set) may well prove to be a false economy.

While the audio performance is decent, a plethora of picture problems make this screen difficult to recommend. Throw in the buzzing CCFL backlight and an inadequate DLNA implementation and you end up with a screen only its maker could love.