Philips AJ300D review

Does the basics well

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Our Verdict

Above average sound quality certainly pushes this dock up the rankings


  • Good sound

    Decent remote control


  • Distorts at high volumes

Philips' AJ300D can be used as a straight iPod speaker system, but it's also got functionality as a radio alarm clock. It's ideal for anyone after something for the bedroom who would like the option of waking up to their own music rather than Terry Wogan's wit.

It's possible to toggle between the FM tuner and the line input, which can be used to connect something other than an iPod. The AJ300 is also compatible with (and includes adaptors for) Philips' own GoGear range of MP3 players.

A small remote control is simply laid-out and pleasant to use. It controls the iPod and AJ300's other features although unless you've got an Emperor-sized bed you won't need it.

Time at the snooze bar

A total of two alarms can be set, with the snooze bar on top of the unit also acting as a lever for reducing the brightness of the overlarge LCD display.

The AJ300D's sound quality is above average. Its wOOx feature imbues ample bass to create a rounded delivery, but a quick play of The Rolling Stones You Can't Always Get What You Want begs the question was Mick Jagger singing about the AJ300's only drawback - its significant distortion at high volumes? He wasn't, but it's this very issue that makes the Philips AJ300 suitable only for use a small room.