Your old iPhone is now worth more on Apple Trade In, but not for long – here are the new prices

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If you've been thinking about buying an iPhone 15, Apple just gave you a gentle nudge towards taking the plunge by boosting its maximum Trade In prices for old handsets – but only until June 3.

Apple Trade In is the most simple, if not the most financially rewarding, way to swap your old iPhone for a new one and get a little money off your new purchase. And from today until June 3, Apple has slightly increased the credit it's offering for old models from the iPhone 11 onwards.

As you can see in the table below, the credit boosts during this period are small – ranging from $10 extra for the likes of the iPhone SE (3rd gen) to a more generous $30 extra for the iPhone 13 mini. Then again, with the future of the iPhone mini up in the air, it might be wise to hold onto that model if you like the form factor. 

The prices below are also only an "estimated trade-in value", with the actual amount dependent on the condition of your handset. To find out the exact amount that your phone is worth, head to the official Apple Trade In page and answer the questions on its storage, serial number and more.

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ModelNew Trade In value (max)Typical Trade In value (max)
iPhone SE (3rd gen)$170$160
iPhone 13 mini$300$270
iPhone 13$320$300
iPhone 13 Pro$380$370
iPhone 13 Pro Max$460$450
iPhone 14$380$370
iPhone 14 Plus$430$420
iPhone 14 Pro$530$520
iPhone 14 Pro Max$650$630

Once your trade is confirmed, you'll be able to either mail in your old phone or drop it off at an Apple Store. Apple will either refurbish your old phone and sell it onto a new owner, or recycle it if it's in bad shape. 

A recent Bloomberg report revealed that Apple's recycling process has had historical issues, but Apple claims that it's recycling is much-improved since those lawsuits in 2020 and that "we're pioneering innovative new ways to recover the valuable materials inside", according to a spokesperson.

Still, either way, you'll likely get more money for your old iPhone by checking comparison sites (like ItsWorthMore), retailers or going for a private sale on the likes of eBay...

Should you use Apple Trade In?

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While they're only minor, these price boosts for Apple Trade In are welcome as its credit offerings typically lag behind the prices you can get for your old iPhone elsewhere.

For example, an unlocked iPhone 13 in good condition with its original box can fetch around $350 on the likes of ItsWorthMore or Swappa, which is more than the $320 that Apple is offering until June 3 with its boosted Trade In values.

Of course, the benefit of going with Apple is convenience – if you're planning to buy a new iPhone, then being able to trade in your old one at the same time can save you some time and hassle.

Also, despite that recent behind-the-scenes report from Bloomberg about the problems that Apple's encountered with e-waste and recycling contractors, the company is still one of the more transparent ways to recycle your old iPhone if it's not in condition for a resale.

For some, then, these boosted Apple Trade In prices could be worth taking advantage of over the next week, but only if you're not holding out for an iPhone 16 (which will likely land in September).

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