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Philips unveils Freeview HD recorder and receiver

Philips embraces Freeview HD
Philips embraces Freeview HD

Update: we've now published our full and in-depth Philips DTR5520 review

Philips has announced it's the latest manufacturer to bring out a Freeview HD PVR.

Designed by Pace but branded by Philips, the HDT8520 HD recorder boasts a 500GB hard drive.

This can hold 125 hours of HD content, 1080p HD up-scaling, and USB and Ethernet ports for enhanced connectivity.

There is also the ability to live pause TV, with a three-hour buffer limit and DD5.1 audio output.

The recorder also comes with an eight-day EPG, parental locking and consumes less than 1W of power when in standby mode.


As well as the recorder, Philips is also introducing a slim-line receiver to the market, which will offer up Freeview HD but with no recording capabilities.

Called the DTR5520 HD receiver (where do they come up with these snappy titles?), the box is said to offer "superior sound and picture quality of Freeview HD services for a one-off price."


And what will that price be? Well, both the DTR5520 and HDT8520 have a UK release date of April – in plenty of time for the World Cup then – and will be priced at £159 (for the receiver) and £299 (for the recorder) respectively.