A Fitbit can now help protect you from Covid-19 – here's how

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Fitbit is rolling out a set of new features designed to help users protect themselves from Covid-19, and manage stress during the epidemic.

The Fitbit app now offers a new suite of tools to help make life during the pandemic a little easier, with regular hand-washing reminders available, with timers to take some of the pressure off developing new hygiene habits.

As 9to5Google reports, the app's new tab (labelled 'Covid-19 info & resources') also offers advice on ways to manage your stress levels during the pandemic, with motivational reminders to move regularly, stretch and make time for mindfulness – all of which can be easily forgotten if you're working at home.

There are advanced sleep tools, too. Fitbit's monitoring of global trends has revealed that we're all sleeping longer (as well as moving less), but the company notes that it's still important to maintain a regular sleep schedule for health and wellbeing.

A helping hand on your wrist

Fitbit has already extended its free trial of Fitbit Premium from seven days to three months, including thousands of workouts that you can try at home with minimal equipment to help you keep moving while maintaining social distancing.

Fitbit Premium: free for 90 days

Fitbit Premium: free for 90 days
To help you stay healthy while you're stuck at home, Fitbit has extended the free trial for its premium fitness app, which is packed with insights into your wellbeing and lifestyle and gives you access to thousands of video and audio workouts so you're never bored.

The new Covid-19 tab is currently only available in English, and some features are limited to certain territories – for example, the option to contact a doctor online if you're not feeling well is currently restricted to users in the US – but hopefully the basic guidance on hygiene and stress management will be extended further soon.

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