Yale’s trio of smart lockers keep your deliveries, booze and jewelry safe

Yale Smart Delivery Box
(Image credit: Yale)

According to a 2019 study on package theft, one in three Americans surveyed had a package stolen from their doorsteps at least once while over half said they fear a package getting stolen – which is why Yale is introducing three new products to curtail the trend.

Today at CES 2020, Yale introduced the Yale Smart Delivery Box that allows you to remotely unlock and lock a secure safe that sits on your doorstep, as well as the indoor Smart Safe and Smart Cabinet Lock that can keep kids out of places they don’t belong.

According to Yale, the Smart Delivery Box works with the Yale Access app allowing you to lock and unlock it remotely, get notifications once a delivery is made, see who else has accessed the box and share access with others.

It’s going to be available somewhere between March and May of this year and cost $229 by itself or $279 with the Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, which is required for anyone who doesn’t have one.

(Image credit: Yale)

Safes that prevent theft in the home and keep kids safe 

Of course, there’s always the threat of someone breaking in and taking something or, worse, someone inside your home getting into something that’s potentially dangerous. That’s where the Yale Smart Cabinet Lock and Yale Smart Safe come in.

Like the Smart Delivery Box, both indoor safes notify you if they’re being opened, but the Smart Safe can also be locked or unlocked remotely – which can be handy if you keep medicine or jewelry in the safe and someone needs access to them when you’re not around. If all else fails, the Smart Lock comes with a physical key, too, for absolute emergencies.

Both the Smart Safe and Smart Cabinet Lock are coming in between March and May of this year and will be available for $229 and $79 individually or $279 and $129 with the Yale Bridge.

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