Xbox Series X gets a modular controller with swappable D-Pad and thumbstick

The eSwap X Pro
(Image credit: Thrustmaster)

Now that the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles have finally been released worldwide, your next step is to find yourself a controller that's going to last.

Thrustmaster, which makes joysticks and other gaming controllers, has announced its latest modular gaming pad for next-generation consoles called the eSwap X Pro and it's officially licensed for use on the Xbox Series X/S and Windows.

Having a modular controller basically means you'll buy a frame of a controller and add in all the bells and whistles (or replace them when they get old) whenever you like. With the eSwap X Pro, you can change out the directional pad, analogue sticks, buttons and more, making it an incredibly reliable controller which is easy to adjust if you notice wear and tear – providing Thrustmaster commits to supporting the pad and its accessories for a few years, of course.

This pad is similar to the PlayStation 4 version which came out earlier this year and it features the same modular design, with some improved features.

According to Thrustmaster, the X Pro controller is designed for "ultimate performance in multiplayer games" because of a new feature it's calling the locking system for triggers.

Supposedly, locking the triggers will reduce your finger travel distance to them, which could mean your button presses will happen a lot faster since your hand and fingers don't need to move so far.

The eSwap X Pro can also be paired with an app on your mobile device, which will allow you to completely remap buttons so you can play the way you want with the controller layout that suits you.

Other than the modular design, another big plus the eSwap X Pro has over Microsoft's own gamepad is, of course, not being reliant on batteries to run – it's got a rechargeable one built in.

The eSwap X Pro

(Image credit: Thrustmaster)

At the moment, the eSwap X Pro is available exclusively in the United States, as of November 10.

Pre-orders in Europe, Canada, Australia, South America will start on November 17, 2020 (for availability on December 10, 2020). You can pre-order the eSwap X Pro controller for £159.99 in the UK here.

It is important to note that the Xbox Series X's official controller is splendid and is an overall improvement to the Xbox One controller. There are new textures and grips added to the triggers and the handles, which makes the controller much more comfortable to hold.

Microsoft has also released another controller to use with the Xbox Series X and S consoles called the Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, which is seemingly just a  improved version of the controller you get with every Xbox Series X console.

Looking at the price, the eSwap X Pro is a cheaper option than the Elite Wireless Controller by Microsoft, but you'll probably be spending more over time if and when you need to buy extra modules for the X Pro.