One More Thing: Dictionary tweeps allow ridic words in. Lolz!

One More Thing: Dictionary tweeps allow ridic words in. Lolz!
The English Language, RIP

Kill us now - Lolz, mwahahaha, photobomb, ridic, tweeps, hackathon, hat tip, lifecasting, inbox, UX, video chat and Wikipedian are in the Oxford Dictionaries Online now. Related: we're going back to paper and print. [Gizmodo]

Advert no advert - We'll watch more than 1 trillion TV adverts in 2012, apparently. And only nine hundred ninety-nine billion nine hundred ninety-nine million nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine of them will have featured a fat opera singer or a meerkat. [Econsultancy]

Ant imitating life - Those funsters over at Stanford are calling the internet the Anternet after they noticed that the way harvester ants send foragers out for food echoes the way internet protocols work out how much bandwidth is available for the transfer of data. It leads us only to one inevitable question: what's the internet equivalent of an anteater? [Patch]

Face facts, it's rubbish – Facebook is forcing its employees to use only the Android version of the social-network's app so they know how rubbish it is and are inspired to make it a whole lot better. It's not exactly torture but it's close. [Talk Android]

Galaxy quest Samsung has released an uplifting video that lifts the lid on just what inspired the design of the Galaxy S3. Apparently it had nothing to do with making the phone not look like an Apple product. Yeah, shocker. [Engadget]

Everybody shirts – Normal T-shirts just aren't cool enough. Well, not compared to the tshirtOS. This bad boy allows you to share your Facebook Status, Tweets, photos and favourite songs with anyone who walks your way. It's far too complicated to explain how. So, we will say it is all done by magic.

Tesla time – A project to restore Tesla's old laboratory has exceeded expectations and is now being expanded into something akin to Tesla's world. If more money comes flooding into The Oatmeal's campaign, then a Tesla museum could be created soon. [TheOatMeal]

You should be so luckyGoogle has brought back the I'm Feeling Lucky button, but with a twist. It is now offering up more emotional I'm Feeling things – such as I'm Feeling Trendy, Wonderful, Artistic. We're guessing Horny is just around the corner. Well, it is the web after all. [AllThingsDigital]

Seafood paella - Those scientists, they're always up to something. You can play Cypress Hill through a squid now, and its chromatophores will change colour and pulse to the beats – we don't really get it either but it looks amazing! Insert squid pun here. [BoingBoing]

Es-kay - In South Korea you can leave comments using a made up name again because having to use a real name was curbing citizens' free speech. Right on! [Yahoo]

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