Microsoft is also working on a smart watch, apparently

Microsoft is also working on a smart watch, apparently
Pebble - kickstarting a trend

Microsoft has swelled the ranks of tech companies supposedly working on a smart watch, with 'sources' saying that a wrist-warmer with a 1.5-inch screen is currently in development.

The component sources shot their mouths off to the WSJ, saying that Microsoft is hedging its bets by working on a watch while waiting to see how the market takes to them as a product group.

So there's no guarantee that this watch, which would work alongside its Windows Phone products and is being made in conjunction with an in-house handset prototype, will ever see the light of day.

Rumour mill hits overdrive

Redmond joins the likes of Google, LG and Samsung when it comes to smart watch rumours, with all apparently scrambling to get a watch out after the Kickstarter success of the Pebble watch.

That's not to mention the talk we've heard of a mythical Apple Watch which may or may not launch this year, depending on who you believe.

Only Samsung has so far come out and said that it's thinking about releasing an intelligent watch at some point; LG, Google, Apple and now Microsoft are purely confined to the Maybe file.

So welcome to the smart watch rumour party, Microsoft. To save time from now on, we'll just assume that every company in the world is working on a smart watch.

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