If you hate someone, give them a 3D naked replica of themselves

The perfect birthday gift?

Those of you on the lookout for creepy gift ideas will be interested in the Nudee - a 3D miniature model of yourself (or anyone else) that's almost naked. All you need to do is supply the head shots.

Well, that and specify a gender and body type - curvy, muscular or slim. It could be a great way of getting a friend to feel much better or much worse about themselves.

The cost of this unique gift is a whopping £149.99 (about US$210/AU$285), which actually isn't so whopping when you compare it against other 3D miniature model services - this is still a fairly new and expensive technology.

Body confidence

"Using some very futuristic 3D print technology our eagle eyed sculptors will carve every crevice of your delicate dome and merge it onto one of our six extreme beautiful (almost) naked body types," explains the Firebox listing.

You must provide two well-lit, high-resolution photos of a head - one from the front and one from the side - so if you're planning to surprise someone else then grabbing pictures from their Facebook account might not cut it.

Skin tones will be matched based on the photos you provide and long haircuts may not necessarily work. Oh and there's no 30-day return policy - so make sure you really do want a Nudee before ordering.

Via Gizmodo

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