Windows 10 could borrow a great idea from Android

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Windows 10 comes with an onscreen keyboard that allows you to type on touchscreen devices, and it looks like it could get a big overhaul in the upcoming Windows 10 Sun Valley update later this year.

As Windows Latest reports, the Sun Valley update, also known as Windows 10 21H2, which is coming later this year, will bring new customisation options that will allow you to add custom backgrounds and change the appearance of the keyboard, much like you can do with onscreen keyboards on Android devices (including the Microsoft-owned SwiftKey).

Windows Latest, which has an early version of the update, noticed a new folder called “touchkeyboard”, which holds several stylish backgrounds for both the light and dark themes of the keyboard.

You’ll also be able to change the colors of the keys on the keyboard as well.

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Other options

It looks like the Sun Valley update will also allow you to change the opacity of the keys and background (so you can make it more or less transparent) and change the size of the keyboard as well.

Not only will these new options help you better customise the keyboard to suit your tastes, and make it more personalised, but they should also make the onscreen keyboard more comfortable to use, especially if you feel the current one is too large or too small.

The built-in spell checker and text prediction features have also been improved for better results and a less cluttered look.

We expect the new keyboard to come with the Windows 10 Sun Valley update later this year, alongside a new and improved look for the rest of the operating system as well.

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