Microsoft accidentally leaks new look for Windows 10

Windows 10 button on a keyboard
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A new leak has appeared online that apparently shows a new look for Windows 10, with certain apps coming with rounded corners, rather than the right-angled corners they currently have.

The screenshot was accidentally posted on Twitter by a Microsoft employee. It was promptly deleted, but Windows Latest managed to grab the screenshot for posterity. 

The screenshot shows what appears to be a future version of the Terminal app with rounded corners. We’ve heard in the past that Microsoft could be planning to change the look of its apps by rounding the corners, and this new leak seems to support that.

Windows 10 leak with new look rounded corners

(Image credit: Windows Latest / Microsoft)

When is the new look for Windows 10 coming?

There’s been quite a few rumors about Windows 10 getting a new look, possibly to coincide with the major Windows 10 21H2 Sun Valley Update coming later this year.

While adding rounded corners to apps and windows may not sound that groundbreaking, in the leaked images and mockups we’ve seen so far, it actually can make a big difference, with apps looking less severe, and giving the Windows 10 interface a more ‘friendly’ look and feel – even with advanced apps like the Terminal.

If this new look is indeed going to be included in the Windows 10 21H2 Sun Valley Update, then expect it to arrive in the second half of 2021.

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